1977: Recent Issues on personnel to Melrose Org

30 Dec 2000

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More cult documents from the Sea Org. How can it be that the "most ethical group on earth" is so poor at selecting able people? The only way to judge the value of the "tech" created by L Ron Hubbard is to look at the result they create, and even by studying the cults own records we see that it is not workable.

                    SEA ORGANIZATION

FLWUS ED 694 6 July 1977

To: All PAC Crew From: D/Action Aide PAC

Re: Recent Issues on personnel to Melrose Org

I have found that the issues recently put out which specify quotas of staff required from each Org to man up the Melrose Org and which require these quotas to be met as each new child enters the Cadet Org are unpopular with some.

The reason for these issues being put out at this time is due to the extreme cope condition at the Melrose.

The Commodore has been trying for years to create a scene in PAC where children can grow up in a proper environment properly cared for and with an org of their own. The amount of counter intention to this scene has been incredible. The evidence of this is fully documented in detail in my files as found by the Cadet Org Observations Msn one year ago and as found by FMO 1674 from July 1976 to April 1976. [sic]

Amost every person who was on staff at the Melrose in July 1976 has had to be RPFed or routed out as the Org was filled with criminals. These were the people entrusted to carry out the Commodore's intentions for the PAC children. It was no wonder that the place was a criminal mess. Where did these staff come from? To a great degree they were the ethics cases of other orgs who were offloaded to the Melrose to staff it up when any demand was put on the orgs.

There are currently over 160 children at the Cadet Org being care for by just over 20 adult staff at the Melrose Ests Org. This means a scene of constant cope and forced neglect of the children. The Ests Bu is getting it staffed up and over half of the current Melrose staff are Ests recruits. However there is a need for additional staff NOW and no added time can be afforded

The scene has greately improved over what it was a year ago but it still has a long way to go to reach the full ideal scene intended by the Commodore. When things go wrong the screams and complaints come my way. Never has there been an offer of help on my lines. And thus came about the issues just put out. And the reason they were put out was to create a demand that could not be avoided. The exact same solution was used on Flag to great success when a similar situation occurred.

I don't like to have to enfore [sic] an order like this but unless some other WORKABLE solution comes forth it will have to be enforced.

By this issue a one week grace period is hereby granted on compliance to FLWUS ED 682 during which time it is hoped that a positive workable and terminated handling is presented by those responsible outside of Ests such as the Parents Liaison Committee and COs Council. If at the end of that week no alternate handling is presented that is workable I will be forced to bring about a solution which does work in any way necessary to move the scene closer to the ideal as laid out by the Commodore.

Ens. Mark Ingber D/Actoin Aide PAC

for the BOARDS OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY BDCS:MI:pb [circle stamp and signature] [END]

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