PAC MEMO: Kids on RPF -- Kids inprisoned by Scientology

30 Dec 2000

Andreas Heldal-Lund - http://www.xenu.net <ahl@xenu.net>

This tragic cult memo advocates use of Children RPF on a kid who have been cutting himself up with a racor blade. I have removed the name of the young boy in this transcipt. This cult document is one of many sent to me anonymousely.

The new year should be dedicated to saving children from the abuses of the Church of Scientology!

                   COPY OF ORIGINAL MEMO


Re; Kid scene in PAC

Dear Sir,

I want to propose a handling to the recent and past flaps we are having concerning the Cadet aged kids. Please see my CSW.

SITUATION: I need to re-institute the Children's RPF and propose Jim Garrett as Adult MAA for Cadet Org.

DATA: I have several Cadets and blown Cadets who need to go to the children's RPF. Since being back in the Cadet Org I have been pushing hard on getting basics in and pushing hard on getting the Cadets producing. The scene is getting better with many Cadets starting to pick up their hats and the scene is starting to improve. However a very small percentage are entubulative sources and are sabotaging efforts to set the scene right. (reports are written and are I/P on the enturbulative sources) They need to be moved off the line per Forcing In The Ideal Scene.

In addition to the Cadet Org itself getting established there are SO kids not in the SO who need to do the Children's RPF to get them back on purpose as SO members.

Currently [name removed] is an enturbulative source who has been on the lines of the EPF, SNR HCO PAC, SECURITY, CADET ORG. He needs to be moved off everyone's lines and put into the Children's RPF. [name removed] recently took a razor blade and cut X's in his skin up and down both his arms. He is psychotic in PT and needs close supervision.

We are in PT re-establishing the Cadet Org in pushing in the LRH advices and policy concerning it. The reinstituting of the childrens RPF is needed as a part of it's [sic] establishment. In 1976 when the Commodore re-established the Cadet Org , he also included the childrens RPF as a part of this. Ref Pac Estates Unscramble. In 1986-87 when myself and Yolanda Avila put back in the advices concerning the Cadet Org, the re-instituting of the Childrens RPF was very instrumental as one of the successful actions done which 10X'd the Cadet Org at that time. Eleven resources came out of that org most of which went to CMO PAC. The Childrens RPF was slammed in at that time and was very successful as it allowed the area to cool down and the establishment actions started biting as the CI and internal enturbulation was off the


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lines. The Childrens RPF was run per the FO's on the Childrens RPF (3434 series). A copy is attached for your viewing. The LRH advices on the Childrens RPF are also attached.

Another factor is that there are disaffected X-SO kids who are originating they want to come back. Today the CO PAC told me the Lipton girls want to come back. Last week Jade Kavanarr came to see me. This is a big reach from these kids. Our X-SO kids at Mace-Kingsley need to be pulled back and handled. They all need the childrens RPF.

I propose Jim Garrett as MAA I/C of the RPF. He knows the kids well and can run good control on them and has been successful in this area. He also has a purpose to work with children.

Today CO PAC gave me a copy of a KR from CO's MAA FCB which outlines trouble we are having with the kid scene. This KR further supports my need to establish the Childrens RPF. I can turn these kids around, I just need my adult MAA.

SOLUTION: Please push order down the line for Jim Garrett to report to the Cadet Org to take on the post of Adult MAA for the Cadet Org. Scott Foster could replace Jim at ASHO. (Jim is currently at ASHO ........He is Senior HCO staff) THIS IS OK.

OK_____________________ NOT __________________________


Best wishes,
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