ANOTHER END OF CYCLE? At least, a new Scientology suicide

31 Dec 2000

"roger gonnet" <roger.gonnet@worldnet.fr

(This was not entirely searched by me, though I knew this specific death since long).

Why do I put it **now** on the net?

Clams have started another attack against one of my friends critics site. Specifically, an OSA Paris scientologist called Patricia Forestier (I kenw both her and her husband) has written a registered letter to Mathieu Cossu to ask him to erase from his website any mention of her name, following some Penal Code article related to the french laws about the protection of privacy.

Mathieu has this (french): http://www.multimania.com/tussier/edj2.htm

(this comes partly from the suit in Toulon 1993, where a judiciary expert committed to expose scientology practices and theories from a psychiatric viewpoint, had had his mail stolen by clams. Clams were arrested, and sentenced to 6 months to 18 months plus amends).

The Appeal did not confirm the sentences, but inbetween, the main witness against scientology, Remy Petit, and OSA guy, had committed suicide.

I've to dig out everything here, presumiong that nothing has been entirely digged out, neither regarding the suicide, neither regarding the implic ation of Pat-ricia Forestier into this affair.

Besides, another clam named Michel Raoust, a Polytechnique engineer (one of the very top schools for engineers in the world), who is also quoted in the Mathieu Cossu's site, has also written menacing letters to myu friend, to get him erase any mentions of his name in the site.

But those mentions are press articles... and Raoust did forget to ask me to erase other mentions of his deals with the criminal gang called scientology. He appears many times on my site too.

-- roger gonnet
Le Secticide
KKKGB: Kriminal Kult Killers Gang's Bird.


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