Happy New Year to all these good folks...

02 Jan 2001

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

I just wanted to express my profound gratitude to all of you here who are helping to shine the light of truth on this deceptive and abusive cult of Scn.

It was 3 years ago this month that I found this newsgroup. I was working in what was then a WISE company, Totally Fun Company, whose President, Peter Alexander, was OT7 and had given a million bucks to scn. I needed to find the truth about this cult, but because of my work load I had little time to do the research and I often turned to the people who posted here to send me references and URL's to guide me through my own investigation.

Many of you already know my "success story" in getting both TFC and Peter Alexander out of the cult's grasp (posted at http://www.xenu-city.net), but I never will forget how grateful I am to those who were here to help.

As we begin the year 2001, I see that the newsgroup is STILL helping people find the truth about Scn. I note, with interest, how this cult is now so desperate to hide the truth that they choose to invalidate the real WINS this newsgroup is producing.

A.R.S. and, now, the LMT need do nothing more than tell the truth. Those of you here who spend countless hours posting pertinent information exposing the criminal nature of the cult MUST realize that you are succeeding with more potency than you even know.

You are all working so hard archiving and enumerating the many crimes of this cult that I doubt you have time to sit back and appreciate just how effective you are. I thank you all for that.

Meanwhile, the cult's last remaining sock puppets post their invalidating tripe. They post into the wee hours of the night...adding an even more insane flavor to their attacks. But what choice do they have??? They can't defend these crimes...and they're forbidden from researching what they read here. They are trapped in that "attack the criminals" mode in order to prevent them from KNOWING the truth that you all work so hard to disclose here.

These last remaining foot soldiers are whipped into a frenzy with false data fed to them by their demented superiors...who are being whipped into a frenzy with even more false data....all in an effort to ward off the TRUTH.

I know that all of you here already know this...and know that the attacks will not stop as long as there are fearful little underlings who can be browbeaten into believing that they are saving the planet by attacking the truth.

Yet I would like to thank you for withstanding all of this...for shining that ever growing light of truth on this cult without fear of impending retribution. There's many of us out here who appreciate all of your efforts...I just needed to express that.

So, when all the Bremeniums, Lmtwatch, sleddogs, etc hide behind their anonymous masks to post their hate-filled messages here...keep in mind: they would not be frothing and ranting so rabidly if you weren't doing a great job of exposing them.

thanks to all of you

Best Regards,
Patricia Greenway
Totally Fun Company VP


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