Stats Vegas, New Years Event

31 Dec 2000

Ted Mayett <ted-mayett@msn.com>

Big org, 33-45 Vehicles, 5:33pm, 12.31.00.

I'm actually putting the count at 33-39, but it could have possibly been as many as 45. In fact, with all the variables included, the count was probably less than 40. ohhhh what joy it brought me to see this pitiful turnout. We must all remember, *this* is one of those new breed of 'St. Hill Size' orgs

Now this years Biggest Ever New Years Event seemed to be happening already, the satellite transmission that is. The night is/was sort of warm, not cold at all, and the street and the porch were barren which says they were all inside watching the TV screen.

Of course I'm not allowed to attend the event, to see or hear it, but I do know what was said. And since it is apparent that current members follow this NG, please continue reading and see if I am correct.

The Stats Were Out Of The Roof
(well this one everybody knows)

More people than ever are reaching for the L. Ron Hubbard Technology.

Expansion has never been greater.

The Wins are coming in across the board.

A Nurse in (insert city here) did...

A Judge in (insert city here) said...

The Police Department in (insert city here) is using...

Teachers at a Junior High School in (insert city here) found that....

TWTH Booklets were given out to the population of Upper Umbungia and all crime stopped and now the Prime Minister of Upper Umbungia wants to give the Booklets to Lower Umbungia so the wars will stop. And to top all this off 17 million new Dianetics Centers opened in UU.

A new category had to be formed to accommodate the stellar stats of our tops FSM's.

But all wit put aside, it is a fact that this year, just like every year, expansion has never been greater. You don't have to attend the Event to learn this, it is a given fact. And we know that next year the stats will be at their highest ever, expansion will be the greatest it has ever been, and more people than at any other time will have reached for the L. Ron Hubbard Technology.

Meantime, if one were to search for my annual post about 'stats vegas new year' they will find that this year the count is lower or just about the same. I could look it up but it isn't that important. 1995-2000 the vehicle count has held pretty steady for this annual event. YET, in Brisbane, Sweden, Dusseldorf, places like this they are learning of the fantastic expansion in Las Vegas.

Are you a current member? Well remember, this org here is going St. Hill Size. Now do you really believe this is a st hill size org? really?

I remember reading an NAACP publication, somewhere in The South a new office had opened up, the article said the people there were proud of the fact that already it had 7 members. What honesty.

In all humbleness, my annual vehicle count supplies an accurate assessment of growth for the Cult of Scientology.... ...and it doesn't look good at all. This years count tied in with other info shows the cult is stabilized with a downward trend.


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