I haven't posted about this incident before -- Scientology crooks

06 Jan 2001

Andreas Heldal-Lund - http://www.xenu.net <ahl@xenu.net>

As some of you might know I work as an IT Manager for a UK company here in Norway. Our main line of business is security high volume storage, mainly for the major oil companies. I'v been working here for 9 years.

For reasons that might be released at a later state I've not posted about this incident before.

Last year we had a burglary at work. The burglars went straight into my office (shared with two others) where they emptied only my draws and papers all over the floor and took my computer and a digital camera. They also peed on one other computer and on the floor, but didn't touch any of the much more expensive equipment or computers. They didn't touch any of the other 10 desks or offices in the same office hallway, which is very strange. No business critical data and storages areas were compromised (we got a rather sophisticated security system for those sections).

My computer that was stolen is password protected in the BIOS and it would have to be returned to the manufacturer in order to be used again. The hard disk of course is possible to hack into. I do not keep Operation Clambake related stuff on my work computers, for obvious reasons, so there was no breach of security there either. All the burglars have are a lot of non- confidential working files (mainly database stuff).

I got everything related to Operation Clambake on my privately owned home computer (of course backed up) and here I keep all correspondence (and other stuff I do not want CoS to find out about) encrypted on separate virtual drives.

I'm reporting this to ARSCC (wdne) for the record, you make up your own theories if you like.

Best wishes,
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