Scientology Penitential camps and brainwashing

6 Jan 2001

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New revelations about Scientology

Penitential camps and brainwashing

Hamburg, Germany
October 24, 2000

According to a study by Canada sociology professor Stephen Kent, the Scientology organization maintains penitential camps for its critical members in the USA, England and Denmark. His booklet was presented yesterday in the Interior Agency.

Apostates are put on the "right path" with brainwashing and other methods of torture. Kent said, "Even teenagers have to work in the camps."

Ursula Caberta, director of the Hamburg Scientology Task Force had invited Kent to speak and had his booklet printed. Stacy Brooks, former Scientologist, reported on her experiences in the Los Angeles penitential camp. She said she underwent [psychological] torture there which included being interrogated for hours on end.

In front of the agency about 20 members of the organization protested against Caberta and accused her of taking bribes. It was said she had accepted money from Scientology opponent Robert Minton to settle a private debt.

Scientology filed a legal complaint against Caberta and accused the interior agency of "diversionary tactics." Caberta's response, "They hate Minton, neither do they like me."

Stacy Brooks reported how the Scientologists had received Caberta on her visit to the USA, "There was a crowd of people right at the airport shouting 'Nazis go home'." She had been constantly followed and every night somebody raised a ruckus in front of her hotel, Brooks reported.


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