Unobstructed brainwashing

6 Jan 2001

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Unobstructed brainwashing

Interior Agency accusation: Scientology runs re-education camps

Hamburg, Germany
October 24, 2000

If the findings of Hamburg sect commissioner Ursula Caberta, the descriptions of ex-Scientologist Stacy Brooks and Canadian sociologist professor Stephen Kent are to be believed, then the Scientology Organization (SO) has come a good stretch closer in the USA in its fight for "world domination" (Brooks). For instance it is said that the SO is able to re-educate apostates in penitential camps unobstructed within their "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF).

It's no surprise that the organization reacted with vehement protests during the presentation of Kent's RPF study. For weeks Scientology has tried to discredit Caberta by accusing her of corruption in accepting a private loan from Scientology opponent Bob Minton. The Scientology chorus, "Soliciting favors here, accepting a loan there - state organs the biggest chump - politicking at the money pump."

What Kent and Caberta presented yesterday was basically nothing new but was still enough set set off the alarm. For instance, it was said that the SO had an RPF re-education camp in Copenhagen, Denmark, besides the US pycho-camps. Kent said that "brainwashing" was systematically carried out through sleep deprivation and experiences of fear. "In doing that human rights and the right to freedom of thought and conscience are being violated"

Brooks reported that at the time [she was in] she was under constant watch. She said that in order to "break her as a person" she was subjected to hours-long interrogations, always under the threat of never seeing her family again. She said she had to run around a pole in a park for twelve hours to the point of exhaustion "in order to get rid of bad thoughts."

Hamburg's former Scientology president Wiebke Hansen was also put into the RPF program in 1995. "Voluntarily of course," as asserted by Scientology spokesman Frank Busch. Today the artistically inclined woman is working contentedly at "Golden Era Production," an SO film production company - if that can be believed ...

Peter Mueller

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