04 Jan 2001

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

Once again, I come to this newsgroup to thank so many of you for your assistance in exposing the deceptive practices of Scientology.

Yesterday, I called upon the "ARSCC Research Team" (ARSCCRT) via their IRC Div. to help out in what was appearing to be a scary situation for ex-scn Peter Alexander's 14 year old son, Moe, who lives with Peter's ex-wife (current Scn) Jolie Kanat in Marin County, California.

Jolie Kanat, an OT7 Scientologist told her son, Moe that she was pulling him out of his public school in the next 2 days and sending him to the Mace Kingsley Ranch, (website: http://www.mkranch.com/) a bootcamp/RPF for kids located in New Mexico. Peter Alexander's child custody agreement stipulates SHARED parental responsibility regarding Moe's education and counseling so he knew he had to stop this action.

We went to the many websites that the ARSCC has provided and read all the information there. We found some

( http://holysmoke.org/cos/bootcamp3.htm),

but not all that we needed so I went to the IRC Div at Undernet's #Scientologylies channel. The wonderful group there jumped into action helping me find links and contact information: (Molly Baxter, Administrator ,P.O. Box 428, Reserve, NM 87830 Phone: (505) 533-6854 Fax: (505) 533-6858 Email: mkranch@aol.com) so that we could prepare to do battle.(Talk about Online Tech Support!!)

Once this information on the creepy goings-on of the Scn-run Mace Kingsley Ranch was gathered, Peter called his ex-wife Jolie to remind her of the shared parental responsibility stipulation in their custody agreement. He told her in no uncertain terms that Moe was NOT allowed to go to any Scn school. Jolie said she "understood" (translation: any enemy may be tricked or lied to).

We learned that immediately following Peter's call to Jolie, she made arrangements for Moe to be taken this Sunday to Larry Master for 2 weeks of "cleaning up" before being delivered to the Mojave Academy. The only problem was that we didn't know who Larry Master was, where he was located or what he did.

Whatcha gonna do? Call Cult Busters? No, we called upon the ever reliable IRC Research Team (again, via #Scientologylies). Thanks to the diligent efforts of so many of you (you KNOW who you are) we were able to ascertain the following:

Larry Master, an old time Scientologist (in the cult since 1967 per his spam page at:

( http://home.oursites.net/larrymaster/index.htm)

located in Perris, California (Lawrence Master, 16001 Lake Mathews Dr, Perris, CA 92570) operates a "counseling center" called Larry's House (you may visit his website at:

( http://www.larryshouse.com).

We found that by calling the 800 number on the Larry's House website that you get yet another old time Scn (partner?) named Billy Nichols (Billy Nichols Field Group, 1486 Tennis Match Way, Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 942-4865 e-mail: bnn7@aol.com ).Thanks to one of our ARSCC Mapping Experts we found that Perris, California is very near Hemet (see map at:


). In little more than 2 hours the IRC Research team found out all this and that Larry Master was/is married to Debbie Mace of Mace Kingsley Ranch fame (although I believe she sold out her part to Carol Kingsley). The IRC RT also delivered information regarding the Mojave Academy (you will find their website at:


http://www.mojaveacademy.com ).

Even though NONE of these facilities claim to be Scn, it is clear by their language that they are in fact Scientology schools/training centers. Peter immediately sent the Mojave Academy email informing them of his SHARED parental responsibilty custody agreement and that he was NOT giving Moe permission to attend there or even to visit their facility. Legal action will be taken if they disregard this communication.

Peter then called Larry Master. He asked Larry what was the nature of his counseling center. Larry told him it was a "qual facility" and that he had "100 per cent results." Peter then pressed him to explain EXACTLY what he did with the kids, but en lieu of responding, Larry asked Peter if he was a member of the "church".

Peter said NO. Larry then said: "Well that's going to make this very difficult then." Larry then said something about the disconnection policy and Peter responded by telling him CLEARLY that Moe would NOT be allowed to go there and under Florida law the shared parental responsibility agreement would give Peter grounds for suitable legal action against Larry AND his facility!.

At this point, Larry blew up (tone 40) demanding to know how Peter found out about him and how he got his unlisted phone number and that he was changing his number right away and, after the yelling from both sides mounted, it was unclear as to who hung up on whom.

Another IRC RT member called Larry Master after Peter's call and asked him about Moe. Larry told her that ( I would assume, based on Peter's threat) he would NOT be taking Moe into his facility.

More of the IRC Div members sent faxes and emails to Mr. Master informing him that if he were to violate Peter's custody agreement he would be facing the wrath of the entire ARSCC's Land Forces Action Committee which would entail non-stop picketing, leafleting, media coverage and all the exposure to the light of truth that Scn has grown to hate. So, IRC research teammates, you KNOW who you are, thank you for your invaluable support -- a certain, very frightened 14 year-old thanks you, as well.

I'm posting this information here for three reasons:

1) to thank you all, once again, for all of your fine work and

2) to let those of you out there who are being deceived and harrassed by the cult of Scn KNOW that there's a WONDERFUL group here who cares and will assist you. You don't have to go through this alone. They are a united group (regardless of the sniping ;-) and when someone is in need, they are here to help you and finally

3) To expose yet another portal into the darkness of Scn children's RPF/bootcamps that have, through the years been a source of concern for parents who lose track of their children in these brainwashing facilities.

I have the following questions yet unanswered:

* How can a counseling center such as "Larry's House" function legally when he keeps changing his phone number to an unlisted number? How can the parents, whose children disappear into his facility FIND them if he's unlisted and that paranoid about being found?

* Is this "counseling center" accredited? He mentions in his website that he follows Federal Law, but we know that phraseology can be nebulous.

* How long has this "facility" operated and do we have any other incidents where kids were sent to Larry's House to be "cleaned up" before being sent GOD knows where?

* We've heard of the abuses and neglect at the Mace Kingsley Ranch, but has anyone here heard of similar situations at the Mojave Academy?

* Is anyone who's reading this aware of other "portals" into the bowels of the Scn gulag/bootcamp AKA "spiritual training centers"? Where people/kids are sent to be "cleaned up" before being spirited off to yet another brainwashing/processing center?

If you don't feel comfortable about posting here, please feel free to email me at:


We helped one 14 year old avoid it THIS time -- but how often is this happening? It could happen again…even with Moe, so let's share this information so we can keep these kids safe.

Thanks again, so much, to all of you
Best Regards,
Patricia Greenway


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