Scientology v. Armstrong


Honorable Vernon Smith
Superior Court of California
County of Marin
Department F
Marin Civic Center / Hall of Justice
San Rafael, CA 94903

Scientology v. Armstrong
Marin County Superior Court case No. 152229 / 157680


Your honor, I'm writing in regards to the contempt hearing of Mr. Gerry Armstrong which is scheduled for January 17'Th. As you may know, Mr. Armstrong was - and in many ways still is - the official biographer of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the notorious Scientology cult which has an extensive criminal history world wide, and which spends millions of dollars annually in lawsuits against newspapers, magazines, television news, and private citizens to try to silence discussion of Scientology's racketeering activities past and present.

Mr. Armstrong was enjoined by the notorious cult to perform an official biography on L. Ron Hubbard. When Mr. Armstrong examined the detailed records of Hubbard's life (court records, FBI letters, Navy records et al.) he found that everything Hubbard and his organization claimed about his life was a profound lie. He found that Hubbard was a pathological liar who's Navy career was one of massive incompetence, that his medical record held nothing of the fatal claims being made by the organization, and that Hubbard's claims of world-wide exploits were grandiose and baseless.

As if that weren't enough, Mr. Armstrong discovered Navy records which showed that Hubbard was a coward when faced with the prospect of combat and had successfully avoided combat - which was completely at odds with the Scientology organization's claims of "daring do" and quack medical miracle cures Hubbard developed and applied to himself. The Scientology organization claims that Hubbard experienced massive wounding and blindness as the result of combat and the organization sells its quack medical claims on the basis that Hubbard cured himself of these injuries using the same techniques that the organization currently sells. In other words, Mr. Armstrong found that Scientology is based on a lie and is nothing but a financial scam.

Being an honest man and - even more important - having retained his critical thinking facilities in the midst of profound mental manipulation as a follower of the notorious cult, Mr. Armstrong refused to be party to the swindle and, refusing to perform the biography as anything but completely truthful, left the organization and eventually started describing what he found out about Scientology and its founder to the world's press. Backed by copies of what amounts to a mountain of evidence, Mr. Armstrong's human rights activities became a massive threat to the financial basis of Scientology. Specifically, Scientology relies upon the ignorance of its victims who would not purchase the criminal organization's dubious "therapies" when aware of the truth.

At minimum Mr. Armstrong is a consumer advocate; certainly Mr. Armstrong has kept thousands of people from being swindled by the cult and, given the Scientology organization's use of deadly quack medical procedures, has likely helped save lives by speaking about Scientology. He - and others who help to disseminate information about such swindles - must not be silenced as Mr. Armstrong provides an immensely valuable service to the citizens of the United States - indeed the world thanks to his having found the Internet - that Americans need ever more desperately given society's lowering quality of education which exacerbates citizens' inability to discern truth from swindles.

Thank you for your time, your honor.


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