URGENT: The Grave Dangers of Centralized Archives

10 Jan 2001

ptsc <ptsc@my-deja.com>

As the Brian Haney settlement has recently underscored, keeping vitally important archives in the hands of single people or even single organizations has the potentially fatal result of ending in the permanent destruction of completely irreplacable materials.

Any archives which exist must be placed into posterity by decentralizing and distributing them among as many locations as possible, preferably with people and/or entities with no direct relation to Scientology and no ability to settle or be destroyed or bankrupted, resulting in their assets, including records which show a history of criminality, being destroyed permanently, allowing Scientology to rewrite history as they will inevitably do if they are allowed to do so.

There has been a long and implacable trend by Scientology to destroy whenever possible the history of their criminality, even extending to burglary and felonious assaults, often masquerading as "settlements" which consist of attempts to enforce conpiracies to obstruct justice and destruction of evidence of criminality.

The archives of Brian Haney, which are now in the filthy claws of the criminally convicted crime cult of Scientology, consisted not only of his own materials but materials generated at great time and expense by dozens of people, and for them to be disposed of in this callous fashion is disgusting.

Any person trusted to safeguard and protect materials of this nature should be held to it by contract, and anyone who wishes to assist any litigant present or future in research or other material should enforce such agreements with a contract protecting the material as privileged and forbidding third-party disclosure or destruction of such information with huge liquidated damages to be paid as a deterrent.

If there is anything legal that can be done to prevent such willy-nilly wholesale destruction of evidence in this Haney case, it must be done, pour encourager les autres.

If not, let's be more careful next time in who gets entrusted with such documents. Just ONE of any document should never exist, nor should only ONE entity ever control such archives again, where a single match or magnet can destroy them all at once, FOREVER and without any hope of retrieval.



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