Scientology takes one more suit... for violation of trademarks!!

10 Jan 2001

"roger gonnet" <roger.gonnet@worldnet.fr>

The excellent "Le Canard Enchaîné", the best and oldest satirical newspaper in France (an Institution all by itself, and quite respected for its data), has just given this news in its jan 10th issue:


"Informed through the article from "Le Canard" [enchaîné] on dec 20th, Guy Sorman, who published in the past the monthly journal "L'ESPRIT LIBRE" (The Free Mind, n.o.t.), has decided to sue the scientology cult, which has just published a magazine under the same name. With a content that Sorman estimates "in total contradiction with the liberal ideas he defends".

The publisher George Krassovsky, juridically owning the Title, thinks also he'll lanuch a suit before Courts.

Two people toward which prayers of the church of scientology won't go.


Note: this suit is just following two other judicial informations launched directly by the Courts those last weeks against scientology and/or allies:

the first was against Heber or IAS, for "having published false informations of a nature that could lead to public troubles/disorders";

the second against scientology allies for "having used of faked/false qualities" (since they mocked up a "court" like if it was a true court).

This has put France to the first SP's rank.

Soon, we should have as many suits in France against the criminal maffia, than there has been in USA in the past and present.

-- roger gonnet Le Secticide http://home.worldnet.fr/gonnet

KKKGB: Kriminal Kult Killers Gang's Bird.

"La Mort, la folie, l'aberration, ou une vulgaire obé issance esclave peuvent facilement être obtenues grâce à la Dianétique Noire. De plus, il n'existe pas de Loi empèchant l'usage de la Dianétique Noire. La loi ne fournit la possibilité de se défendre envers leurs attaquants qu'aux seuls individus qu'une telle méthode pourrait avoir lésés." (L.Ron Hubbard, fondateur de la scientologie et de la dianétique)


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