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11 Jan 2001


"Virginia" <vmcc@icehouse.net asked:

Bob, What EXACTLY is your view on Scientologists having the right to practice their beliefs?


I have no problem with anyone, Scientologists included, believing in alien cosmologies and practicing those truly held beliefs.

I do have at least two problems, however, with Scientology's deception about its alien cosmology.

First, one of the big lies that Scientology tells is that it is compatible with all other religious beliefs. It cannot be and is not compatible with ANY religious belief since it teaches that all religion is an implanted false reality. In fact, any other religious belief by a Scientologists is not even tolerated. Talk about your faith in Christ or about prayer in an auditing session and off to the Ethics Officer you will go for some PTS handling because you are indulging in "other practices". OT3, the level when a Scientologist learns about the alien cosmology and that religion is an implanted false reality, obviously ends any possibility of further illusion that Scientology can be compatible with any religious belief.

Second, Scientology keeps its alien cosmology a secret for financial reasons. A Scientologist is required to go through a gradual progression of expensive steps before they are allowed to learn about the alien cosmology. They are told if they learn about it prematurely, it will create a life threatening situation -- it will give them pneumonia and they might die. I know of no reports of anyone ever getting pneumonia, much less dying from exposure to Xenu and the alien story. Hiding the truth about these alien beliefs serves several functions, including, a) recruitment -- who would join if they were told about the alien beliefs up front; b) money -- holding back the information buys time to collect more money from a recruit before the bizarre information is revealed; c) control -- holding back the information allows Scientology to use the "tech" to induce a person not to bolt when they do hear the alien story.

This entire cover-up is all about deception, lies and money.

The Lisa McPherson Trust's mission is to expose the abusive and deceptive practices of Scientology and help those who have been victimized by it. Clearly, the deception and lies surrounding the alien cosmology is something we must stand up against. Let me make this clear: it is not the alien cosmology itself that we object to; it is the deception and lies surrounding it.

I think you are also well aware that Hubbard wrote all the policies used by management today which are at the heart of the entire war that Scientology has declared on its critics, including you. Hubbard wrote the Manual of Dissemination, for example, in which he instructed his followers that the purpose of a lawsuit is to harass, not to win. He also wrote the Manual of Justice, in which he says that a reporter who dares to write anything critical about Scientology should be harassed and intimidated until he shudders into silence. He also wrote Attacks on Scientology, Additional Policy Letter, in which he details how to destroy the reputation of anyone who is critical of Scientology. There are many, many others, as you know. Current management is revising these Hubbard policies for the reprints of the OEC and Tech volumes for legal and PR reasons, because Miscavige and his lawyers don't want the public to know how rabidly vindictive Hubbard really was. But these are Hubbard policies, without any doubt. Current management continues to apply the unrevised versions of these directives, but do not try to delude yourself that it was anyone but Hubbard who wrote them.

I spent many hours with your husband when he came to Clearwater and never hid my feelings about Hubbard. I'm sure Mike will tell you if you ask, but to politely summarize, I think Hubbard was an sinister con-man and I believe that view is shared by the vast majority of people who know anything about him. My point here Virginia is that while Miscavige is a slimy creature as well, he is merely a proxy for carrying out the evil policies of L. Ron Hubbard. I don't think Miscavige is "misapplying" (to use your phrase) those parts of Hubbard's tech -- I believe he is using them just as Hubbard intended.

I believe the creed of Scientology has many noble elements to it but I think the creed is a fraud. I think this because Scientology and Scientologists do not act in accordance with their creed. The creed is pure PR and Scientology and Scientologists are hypocrites. A simple example of this hypocrisy is that the creed says that all men have an inalienable right to free speech yet in practice that right is only supported by the church when the speech is laudatory of Scientology. Otherwise you are publicly labeled a bigot and hatemonger and the fair game policies are applied against you.

One of the most difficult aspects of recovering from Scientology seems to be former members coming to terms with their irresponsibility while they were in Scientology. Over and over I have had ex-Scientologists say to me, "I didn't know about all these bad things going on in the church," only to come back later and admit that they just didn't want to see it. Tory Bezazian, for example, said to me just yesterday that she now regrets that she had bought into the church's lies so thoroughly that she couldn't see what was going on all around her. Many ex-Scientologists have told me that it was simply a lot easier not to have to take responsibility for these things. But everyone in the church is responsible for what the church is doing.

Remember, Virginia, that Scientology breeds irresponsibility and that Scientologists become addicted to that irresponsibility. Read Stacy's auditing and family posts again and read the Cartesian Award winning essay by Erik Snead to get an insight into how this addiction to irresponsibility happens. All of these suggested reading materials can be found on our web site at http://www.lisatrust.net

That being said, Virginia, I will defend your right to practice any truly held belief you choose. As you have chosen Scientology "outside the church" you should begin by publicly renouncing the evil and destructive policies of Hubbard and renounce the church's use of those policies. You see, Virginia, as long as those policies remain in place, I don't have a lot of confidence that your brand of Scientology would not just become another "Church" of Scientology if given the opportunity.

I hope this answers your questions.

Bob Minton


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