Shrinking Bigotwatch page

25 Jan 2001

ptsc <ptsc@my-deja.com

Just like the Scientology crime cult, the Bigotwatch.net page is shrinking every day as lily-livered cult weaklings shudder in terror at the consequences of their insanity.

These aren't the only crime cult web pages that are shrinking. The crime cult is now desperately scrambling to hide the traces of their outright theft of the urban75 web site, dripping with the sweat of fear as they feverishly pore over their site which consists of nothing but solid copyright infringements. Too late. The material is already completely safe and a full analysis of the criminality is expected soon, whatever these crime cultists do now to hide.

The cult is suffering a massive web blackout as their flagship hate sites are eaten away and the massive Narconon fraud gets another huge black eye for yet another brazen feat of outright criminal theft.

First they ripped off the Native Americans, like the disgusting crooks they are.

Then they ripped off the urban75 web site.

Now they flail around, bersrek with insane paranoia, trying to hide. But they can't hide. They have fallen down the Tone Scale deep into the negative ranges. Can't hide.


What a sad cult of fools and morons!



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