Refund letter/Glen Stilo

30 Jan 2001

Greg and Debra Barnes <Greg_member@newsguy.com>

January 30, 2001
Dear Glen,

In regards to your January 3 letter. There are not two basic matters here just one rather obvious one and let me explain it to you.

As members of 20 years to the organization called the “Church of Scientology” we believed unquestioningly that this organization was what it was promoted in all the publications and followed the policies as laid down by Hubbard. We also believed in all of Hubbards stated “accomplishments” which we read in your publications.

I also did not believe stories I read in the paper or heard on TV regarding abuses until my family and I experienced the same. Your comment in your last letter about what we experienced, “they are stories you make up or embroider” seems like the same broken record responses that all church officials state, however all the lost court cases of the church of Scientology seemed to prove out all the “stories you make up or embroider” are neither made up or embroidered.

From the many depositions of the many legal cases Scientology has been in and is in currently around the world my experience of being held against my will and having our reputations maligned because we tried to apply the stated policies of Hubbard, would be believed by a jury of our peers with the many witnesses that have experienced similar treatment.

Glen can you understand the shock and dismay that many ex-members experience when they begin to find out the lies and secrets hiding the lies.

Of course no one knows all the lies and secrets.

You may ask what “secrets” I am speaking of well I will give you just a few since it would take over a hundred pages to list the lies of what your


organization states it believes and does and the factual documented reality of your organization’s actions.

First the lies about Hubbard and his accomplishments especially his military background then his three marriages including bigamy, then his drug abuse and finally the fact that he was administered a psychiatric drug Vistraril up to his death.

The special “reverse auditing” as documented in the secret GO/OSA manual to drive those parishioners insane purposely who will not stay in line. The use of confidential preclear folder data against those parishioners that gave you their deepest darkest secrets to silence them if they find out the truth about your management’s lies and deceit.

The many many failed promises of what Hubbard states is possible in the Dianetics book as well as your upper levels. The number of your “upper level” subjects that have died of cancer or gotten refunds of their monies or have sued the church or just gone off and died lonely deaths is a disgusting fact that can not be hidden or contested.

You see Glen it is all the lies that your organization promotes especially about the evils of psychiatric drugs, which your organization secretly administers to its “gone crazy” parishioners and even the founder - L. Ron Hubbard.

I hope now you see my point, that it is that we were lied to and experienced the same special treatment as hundreds before us have experienced that makes us want our money back. Scientology professes to teach people to be honest,ethical and moral beings. This is something we and many many others have and are finding out your management and staff are devoid of because you are “clearing the planet”...the ends justifies the means - does not cut it Glen neither does the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

I do not write this letter with some special joy in my heart but the disgust in knowing that for 20 years of mine and my wifes life we promoted your


organization’s tenants. Some are sound and logical. However the management and founder LRH did and does not practice them, which we shockingly found out.

Our demand for our funds given to Flag for $190,835.80 includes the money we have on account as well. It is because of the lies,deceit and abusive practices of OSA,RTC and select staff at the Sandcastle and Fort Harrison that we experienced first hand, that we are demanding our “donations” back.

I am sure this letter will not bring a smile to your face as it does not mine either, but as some profound individual once said “the truth shall set you free” and we are free of your organization’s lies and false promises. But we wish to leave your organization as whole as possible and it will take us years to recover from the abuse and the libel you spread about us and the destruction that those lies and abuses have had on our business and personal lives.

As I stated in my first letter to you in May of 1999 we demand the following.

1) Destruction of our pc’s folders with us present or just give them back to us.

2) Destruction of our ethics and OSA files.

3) A signed agreement that your organization or agents of will not practice anymore fair game tactics on us.

4) Our money paid to Flag. The correct amount is $190,835.80.

As your first release to us stated page 3 section 6:

“Mr. and Mrs. Barnes hereby acknowledge and affirm that they have been fully advised and understand that any alleged injuries or alleged money claims sustained by them are of such character that the full extent and type of injuries or money claims may not be known at the date hereof, and it is further understood that said alleged injuries, whether known or unknown at the date hereof, might possibly become progressively worse and that, as a result, damages may be sustained by Mr. and Mrs. Barnes”.


The above statement in your release is extremely revealing considering L.Ron Hubbard and others who have been extensively exposed to your “advanced levels”.

Since Hubbard and so many other “OT’s” have checked out(died) in a rather disgusting manner because of the destructive nature of these ‘advanced levels” we see the possibility of our condition becoming progressively worse as your release so eloquently states.

If we had known of Hubbard’s going insane to the point where he needed to be medicated using a psychiatric drug as well as all those that have died of cancer or just went insane, we would have never paid you for any services or even bought a book. Examples John McMasters the first clear who was an alcoholic and gay at the time of his death. Larry Wollersheim the first OT5 (NOT’s) completion who was awarded a $30 million dollar judgement against Scientology and later reduced to $500,000 plus $2million in punitive damages. Betty Filiski the first OT 7 completion who died of lung cancer within 6 months of completing your highest spiritual level OT 7. Then Lisa McPherson who was held at Flag when she wanted to leave but she died there instead.

Yes we can understand why you want people to sign releases the technology is rather risky.

If we would have known that Hubbard never curied himself of blindness or any other disease that frequented him or of his sickly nature we would have stayed clear of your organization.

After reading in your organization’s literature of all of Hubbards achievements and his credentials that we now find to be all false we would have never started on your “road to freedom” had we known of his pathology to lie.

We wish to bring closure to this issue as much as you do. If you meet our stated demands then we all can put this behind us and move forward without legal entanglements.

We need a response no later than the 10 th of February 2001 as to whether our demands will be met or not.



Greg Barnes


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