German sues cult

31 Jan 2001

Short excerpt of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten 02-08-2000 (http://www.jp.dk/)

German ex-member Andreas Zantrop from Berlin relates how bad the conditions in the RPF in Denmark were; not enough food, heavy physical labor and not enough sleep. Zantrop wanted to marry a female scieno but as punishment he was first put two weeks in isolation before he got deported to Copenhagen were he was from July 1996 until January 1997.

Danish PR-chef Annette Refstrup says "Andreas was landed morally on the wrong side of the road because he practiced our spiritual counseling in a wrong way and because he had and affair with a married woman."

The allegations of German ex-member Zantrop are part of a claim he has filed with the German Labor court. Andreas demands 2.4 mil DKR (about 300K USD?) as compensation for his labor during his total of 13 years he worked for Scientology plus for the deception, fraud and pain inflicted upon him during his stay in Copenhagen and in Scientology's US headquarters.

Three Danish women have also filed claims for lost income of 650.000 DKR (90K USD?). Their suit probably starts October before the Court in Copenhagen.


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