Victory for Mo and ARS

01 Feb 2001

kngpeter@aol.com (Kng Peter)

A few weeks back, my fourteen-year-old son Mo reported to me that his Scientologist mother was about to force him to attend a Scientology School called "The Mojave Academy." Mo was going to first be sent to a "portal" called "Larry's House," where a Scientology would try to brainwash him into disconnecting from and ceasing all further communication with me, his father.

After he was brainwashed, he was to be sent to the Mojave Academy, where he would turn into a good little robot. That was the plan....

However, Patricia Greenway mobilized the mighty forces of ARS and the IRC channel, and they swooped down upon this (illegal by Florida law) plan. "Larry's House" was bombarded by telephone calls and faxes, and by the time I called "Larry" on the phone, he was ready to throw in the towel. He wanted nothing to do with Mo, ARS, or IRC ever again.

I would like to report that due to these fine efforts, Mo is now safely ensconced in a non-Scientology boarding school. He is out of the grips of Scientology, and plans to keep it that way.

There was a side benefit to all this as well: because the law requires that his mother and I stay in communication regarding Mo and my other children, she cannot disconnect from me either. This means that she is officially PTS, and therefor banned from Church of Scientology Flag Services. I believe this also applies to my older, Scientologist son Max.

So as a result of the fine efforts of the ARS and IRC groups, not only Mo, but two other people have been saved from further Scientology brainwashing.

I would like to thank all concerned for their help. In this case, the family destroying practices of the Scientologists have backfired, resulting in further damage to their already limping organization.

Best Regards,

Peter N. Alexander


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