NEWS: CoS hires ex-police to investigate critic

10 Feb 2001

Andreas Heldal-Lund - http://www.xenu.net <ahl@xenu.net>

In the latest edition of the newspaper Fri Tanke (Free Thought) there is an article about CoS hiring PI's to investigate me. Fri Tanke is a newspaper for members of Human-Etisk Forbund, a humanist organization in Norway. Here's a quick translation:

Text and picture: Kirsti Bergh


"[CoS] in USA has hired Norwegian private investigators to make investigations about Andreas Heldal-Lund. The Norwegian Scientology critic - who runs the site Operation Clambake - experienced that his former live-in partner was contacted and questioned about him.

"Andreas Heldal-Lund is behind the Internet site Operation Clambake (xenu.net), which today is one of the most visited and recognized collections of critical documentation about {CoS's] activity. He explains how his former live-in partner was contacted by a Norwegian private investigator, a former police officer, and was asked questions about him and his acquaintances. She refused to reply and instead warned Heldal-Lund, who is certain it is {CoS] in USA who's behind it. He's been told it is the lagality of his web pages which has been investigated, but doubt that was the only purpose.

- Why would they contact my former partner when it is clearly stated on my web page that I do not live there? he asks rhetorically.

- Why would [CoS] use resources to find negative information about you?

- To find my buttons - as they call it - to get something on me that they can use to pressure me into dropping the criticism on the Internet, says Heldal-Lund, who is pretty sure he has no such secrets that can be used against him.

Fri Tanke has from reliable sources got confirmation that it is [CoS] in USA who through a law firm has hired a Norwegian private investigation company. All investigations of Heldal-Lund is supposed to be over without anything illegal has been found.


Because of what he knows about how [CoS] operates in USA he is still a little worried that they will spread rum ours about him or distribute fliers in his neighborhood with false accusations.

- Yes, I believe that if I was to be regarded as a big enough threat that they would manufacture things about me. [CoS] claims they do not operate with such methods anymore, but all new defectors deny that anything has changed, he explains.


The founder of [CoS], L. Ron Hubbard, writes in a directive that they must get the following facts into public consciousness: "1. People who attack Scientology are criminals. 2. That if one attacks Scientology he gets investigated for crimes. 3. If one does not attack Scientology, despite not being with it, one is safe." In secret Scientology documents the procedures of investigating people are described in more detail.

"It was coincidence which made Andreas Heldal-Lund involved against [CoS]. The Atheist and humanist has never himself been a member, but saw a newspaper article, did some searching on Internet and got hold of so much information that the interest was born.

"-This is about the fight against totaliarism. The Church of Scientology is totalitarian, charismatic and elitist organization searching for world domination. If we don't dare to stand up against such organizations, then we don't deserve freedom, he says.


Through the running of Operation Clambake he has participated in helping people defect the church. Among others he mailed over a period with the Scientologist Tory Bezazian, who a couple of years ago [error, should be half a year] defected after 30 years.

"- If only [CoS] hadn't done so much attempting to silence their critics far from so many would have been involved, he explains. - During the seventies and eighties they were able to crush their opponents, but today - with Internet - anybody can get hold of information about court cases [CoS] is involved in and background information about them.

"The activities of Heldal-Lund has drawn the attention of the Scientologists before. he first time he published Scientology material on the Internet in 1996 this resulted in legal threats from Scientologists with reference to American copyright laws. Operation Clambake had to change Internet service provider several times."

Separate box:

"THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY For background material on [CoS] see Operation Clambake http://www.xenu.net with links to more pages (critical information) The homepages of the Scientologists: http://www.REMOVEscientology.org/home.html (advertisement)"

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