Scientology attorney declares writtenly: saying someone is a scieno is defamatory.

6 Mar 2001

"roger gonnet" <roger.gonnet@worldnet.fr>

This is the translation of the letter received by my ISP's patron, Sébastien Socchard, Worldnet France director.

The sender is the scieno french attorney Brigitte Bouvier.

Here it is:

Brigitte Bouvier
Avocat à la Cour
21 rue d'Eylau
75116 Paris
Téléphone (33) 01 45 53 17 02
email: bouvierb@club-internet.fr

To M. Sébastien Socchard (adress)

Ref: Business Dynamic

Registered letter


I'm hereby informing you that one of your clients whose adress is " http://home.worldnet.fr/gonnet puts at public's disposal nominative informations regarding philosophical and religious which are detrimental to Monsieur Guy Bergeaud, manager of the company Business Dynamic, of which I'm the legal counsel.

Indeed, Mister Gonnet publishes on his pages elements constituting defamation.

He allegates that the company Business Dynamic is a scientological company while that one is not linked to scientology neither to any other religious, philosophical or political group.

This wrong allegation is obviously detrimental to Mister bergeaud, which is why it constitutes a defamation.

[follow some legal considerations from the attorney, based on false interpretation of legal recent decisions, as well as a demand to the ISP to, take any measures necessary to erase or stop access to the documents concerned - the URL or URLs at stake are not even quoted by this clam attorney]



As you can see now, scientologist attornys estimate to be defamatory to be a scieno and named as such.

Why are they scienos, then? And why scientology itself does publish public free magazines showing the identity of such personages as being scieno patrons, crusaders or such appelations? We recommend to any scieno to ask to be "undefamed" by erasing their names from clams lists, and to get some sums as damages.

-- roger gonnet
Le Secticide

KKKGB: Kriminal Kult Killers Gang's Bird.

"La Mort, la folie, l'aberration, ou une vulgaire obéissance esclave peuvent facilement être obtenues grâce à la Dianétique Noire. De plus, il n'existe pas de Loi empèchant l'usage de la Dianétique Noire. La loi ne fournit la possibilité de se défendre envers leurs attaquants qu'aux seuls individus qu'une telle méthode pourrait avoir lésés."

(L.Ron Hubbard, fondateur de la scientologie et de la dianétique)


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