Third letter

03 Mar 2001


Feb. 22, 2001

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

Here I am again, assholes.

To the pubescent punk that is reading this rant, you should look at the old books and compare them to the new books. I have a collection of the "by L. Ron Hubbard" books. They are thin. I also have the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" versions. They are thick. Not only that, they are altered in actual text and words.

You know, even if Ron could have created workable tech, the bastards in upper management would have re-written it! No wonder the L's don't do what they claim. No wonder there are no OT's. No wonder there are not any Clears out there paving the way for new recruits. Hell, Tommy pretty boy Cruise can't even stay married to Nicole. He's OT what? Great stat, Tommy boy. But then $cientology is full of great stats.

Another great stat is there is always an answer for everything. Too bad the answers are wrong. I guess a person who really used his analytical mind would see the held down 7's. It is too bad those hard working staff can't see through the held down 7's. But the fact is, the tech has been altered since LRH died. I know you would like everyone to think he "ascended". HE DIED. HE'S DEAD. NEW MANAGEMENT HAS TAKEN OVER AND THEY ARE CHANGING WHATEVER THEY WISH TO CHANGE TO SUIT THEMSELVES. And you poor dupes are falling for it. If LRH were to return today, no one would let him in the org! He would be sec checked into oblivion and become so deranged that he would end up like Lisa McPherson.

Now, that is almost what you did to me. I am certain there are many others who have had this same experience. OT3's, OT 5's, OT7's, L's completions. I am going to make it my personal business to find as many of these people as I can and do whatever I need to do to rally them to stand up against the abuse we all had from Flag.

What a complete and utter fraud. If it weren't so obvious to the outsider this scam called the Church of $cientology would make a great movie. The con is so devious.

I kept quiet for many years because I was afraid of losing my spiritual freedom - what a dichotomy - Fear/Freedom. What a diabolical trap. No one at Flag has ever had spiritual freedom. You can't even define it. You say it like a bunch of dilettantes. It is just another glib phrase that rolls between your lips and makes you feel special while you slave away 16 to 18 hours a day trying to get your stat up by 2:00 PM on Thursday. That is not spiritual freedom. Most of you are too scared to enjoy life, too scared to think about what is wrong, too scared to confront your life. There is no one in $cientology who can confront $cientology. You have to get out of $cientology to confront it. That is why there are so many ex-members and non-members who stand up to this organization that loves to call itself a church. They do confront it every day. The stats in $cientology have gone down year after year. Your PR may be a little better in a few places, but the truth is that the stats are down because of poor service.

What you do is practice Psychology without a license and medicine without a license. You think because you read somewhere in some obtuse writing by L. Ron Hitler that the mind can heal itself no matter what is done to it that you can do anything you want to people and they will be all right. I can tell you for a fact that just is not so. Lisa McPherson would tell you the same thing. In fact, she probably did tell you that over and over again. It would not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. She wanted to leave and you kept her from leaving. That is really a church-like act.

I was so dumbfounded by your rhetoric that I paid you over $68,696.93 to fuck my mind over and then I came back for more. I am not dumbfounded anymore. I have woken up. I am mad as hell. What you did to others and me is unconscionable. Did you know there are no LRH trained Class XII's in the SO anymore? Know why? The tech sucks. It has been squirreled. It will continue to be squirreled. $cientology has now become a fighting machine. It fights those who wish to have morality and integrity. It fights its own members to get more money out of them. It fights its own staff who work so diligently, and it humiliates these same staff if the stats aren't as high as someone thinks they should be.

I could get my entire Bridge - If I even wanted it - for pennies on the dollar from class XII's in the field who were personally trained by LRH.

Not that you give a shit or even know that you should give a shit, but the Golden Age of Tech has created robots who just ask the same question over and over again. There is no thought on the part of the auditor about what is really happening with the PC. There is no understanding on the part of the auditor about what is really happening with the PC. What the Golden Age of Tech auditors do is so against the original LRH HCOB's that he would RPF every staff member just for being involved this perversion and not stopping it. He would be screaming for weeks if he knew what has happened since his death. David Miscavige and his top techies would be banned from $cientology forever for their crimes against him, his writings and the human race.

I want my old life back, you pricks. I want the $68,696.93 you coerced and intimidated from me and my wife. I have other things to do with my life, but right now it is on my checksheet to recover my hard earned money you scammed out of me. As long as that item remains open on my checksheet, I will also be doing whatever I can to see that as many others as possible will get to know the horrors of $camitology.

So just send me my money so I can go to my next item on my checksheet.


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