Second letter

03 Mar 2001


sent Feb. 15, 2001

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751

Dear Sirs:

It has been 4 years now living in the basement at my parents home. I STILL have $cientology debts to service. My pre-L excellent credit rating is now a post-L disaster.

I am not going away. Like Samuel Jackson said in his role in Pulp Fiction (starring another big sucker, J.T.) "I'm a mushroom cloud laying mother fucker every morning when I wake up to the smell of mildew in my parent's basement."

I know your tactics well. You think I will go away. I guess I would if I didn't have the constant daily reminders of the incredible lies that your sleazy, corrupted band of thieves sold my wife and me.

I remember the mindset of the hypnotic trance that was $cientology for me. It was an implant that gave the command, "How do I make more money so I can do more $cientology???" It was a repetitive command. It was all that went through my mind for ten years.

I finally broke the trance and woke up. Now, I am fueled by a tenacity and drive to recover what I lost.

On L-11 I got a new life: A life of financial and personal ruin for 5 years.

I want my old life back.

L-11 and L-12 are implant processes that can destroy lives. They may help some people, but they certainly mess up many, many others. A la Lisa McPherson. Now there is a great example of the Tech as altered by the current regime. Talk about squirrels. If one is in $cn, one does not really have to look very far to find squirrels. The staff at Flag was going to save her from psychiatry, but they allowed her to die at Ft. Harrison (or was it the Hacienda?) instead. What a great move! Whose bright idea was that? I am fortunate that I did not end up dead and cremated like her so no one could find the real reason for my death either.

When I reluctantly share my story with others who are not in the cult (reluctant because I feel like such a fool for ever having bought into your scam) they are amazed that I bought it. I am amazed that I fell for it.

It seems that there are many others who $cientology has let down also. Tom and Nicole are splitting up. Yet, $cn claims to fix marriages and hold them together. I guess the tech didn't work for them either.

Battlefield Earth was the worst movie of the 90's if not the century. It was booed all over the US and Europe. Even with $cios buying tickets in bulk, it was still a disaster. What happened to the tech there?

Graham Berry has recently won another case brought against him by $cn. Lying and deception don't pay. It is a violation of the PR Series: Don't tell lies in PR. If you want evidence, of lying, cheating, blackmail, obstruction of justice, look up Robert Cipriano on the net and read his declaration. Oh, I forgot, if it is on the net, it can't be true. How convenient! That really keeps people under control, doesn't it? $cn does have a great propaganda machine, doesn't it? Wasn't it Abe Lincoln who said, "You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time." What, you say, who was Abe Lincoln? I guess the uneducated are the easiest to fool all the time.

Read George Orwell's book, 1984. You will recognize the tactics of $cn in it. It was egregious what that society did to its citizens just as it is egregious what $cn does to those it touches.

How about the death of Stacey Moxon at Gold? Do you really expect that $cios and ex $cios would buy the story she was looking out for a squirrel and went down into that electrical well? And she was wearing a black boiler uniform? Trying to save a squirrel while wearing a black boiler uniform. Really? Only the most loyal, unobservant and uneducated staff member would take that story to heart. If one has any analytical ability, that story would be suspect from the start. I hope the proper authorities are continuing to monitor all the $cn compounds.

I guess that there is one lesson I have learned from $cientology that will serve me well in this endeavor: Don't Q & A. Just keep on focus to recover what is rightfully mine. I am willing to make a video and send it out telling my story. You know, when people see those real honest, down to earth videos, they begin to wake up and see what I have seen, that $cn is a big scam.

I am considering putting up a web site to let people know there is another dissatisfied L's completion. I would venture to guess that 85% to 90% of the L completions went crazy to some degree after doing the L's.

I don't expect any 15-year-old robot who reads this letter to be able to relate to my experience. Refund my $68,696.93. I will get my life back in order and our fight will be through.


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