First letter

03 Mar 2001


Sent: 2/9/2001

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

It has taken me six years to have the realization that lots of things I heard at the FSO were lies. I paid $68,696.93 to your organization for a promise that you could not fulfill. There are many others who have had traumatic experiences doing one or more of the L's. Whether you knew it, didn't know it, denied it or forgot about it, you SHOULD have known it. Furthermore, you should have done something to remedy it. This is known as FRAUD.


Your organization made claims and promises of all the good things that happen to us pc's after we do your high priced services, and just like a drug to a junkie, who feels great while he is on it - but afterward comes the crash.

I remember vividly what the reg, Paul Hickock, said to me after sucking $51,362.93 for the "L's" and set-up auditing in 1994 out of my bank account, "You won't regret it for a second." He was right, in a very odd way; I didn't regret it for a second… I have regretted it for 6 years.

In my Pre-L life: I owned a nice home on 3 acres and ran a very successful chiropractic office. I was nearly debt free. I had outstanding credit and I had savings in the bank. My wife and three children were happy and we were able to afford a modest lifestyle with no financial worries.

Here's how things played out after the "Fabulous L Rundowns" for When I came home from Flag my business was falling to pieces. A staff member of seven years was quitting and my volume and income was 25% of its previous trend. I was 50,000+ in additional debt with no savings or reserves and rock bottom lowest ever income.

I went back to Flag 4 times in the next 6 months for repair after repair and review after review (all at my own expense, mind you). My stats continued to crash. Within weeks of returning from Flag I began to be hounded by creditors. I remember the knock at my door at 2am on a Sunday. It was a man coming to repo my van.

I shortly thereafter fell 6 months in the rears on my mortgage, my office equipment lease and my rent for the office. I was served with eviction notices on my home and office. I had my office equipment repo'd and moved out of both my office and home within 7 days of each other.

My wife and my three kids and I moved into a Suburban Inn! Then we moved in with my parents.

Here's the scenario: A formerly successful doctor and family man with excellent credit goes to his church for advanced services which he is told will help him to be more successful in life and business. (I think the reges words were "a production rocket-ride", or some such bullshit). The doctor does these services and his world falls apart immediately. Now he's a 38-year-old bum who has his wife and kids living in his parent's basement.


I will never forget the tone of disbelief that my CPA resonated when he saw what I did with all that cash. Or the washed-out look my mother gave me when I told her I was flat busted.

Scientology may help a percentage of people, but it ruins people's lives too.

I used to think it was me. I was really introverted on this. (NOT exactly the "Stabily Exterior OT Phenomena" that was promoted in the brochure). You know, all the success stories of ALL the winners who did the L's, blah, blah, blah…

I started getting in comm via the internet (the true universal solvent-it works so good it even cuts the veneer of horse refuse off of the "Church" of $cientology) with other former scientologists. Guess what? We all had similar stories!

You assholes don't make OT's - There are NO OT's - just a bunch of poor broke saps with ruined lives. Oh yeah, they smile in the brochures, but take a picture of them a year later. Some, if not many, mortgage their entire LIVES and you could give a piss.

I am never going to be done with you until I get my money back. I will spend whatever time it takes to end this nightmare and get on with my life.

Probably Scientology's most important statistic is the number of people who are dissatisfied and distrustful of Scientology. That stat went up on an exponential curve in the 60's and 80's, and it is on that same trend again.

LRH policy states that criminals take things without fair exchange. That is what happened to me with Scientology - you took my money and ruined my life.

I have to face my parents, my wife, my children, my former employees, my banker and my CPA knowing Scientology tricked me out of $68,696.93 between 1988 and 1996. I don't have to complain to anyone, all of these people know my situation was caused by Scientology's ineptitude and deceit. Even if they don't think about it every month, over a period of time, each of these people will tell 5 or 10 more people about Scientology. Thus, Scientology's highest statistic by far is the number of people who are dissatisfied and distrusting of Scientology.


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