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03 Mar 2001

Moxon & Kobrin
1100 Cleveland Street - Suite 900
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Re: Xenu Cult / Gardini

Dear Mr. Moxon:

Your letter to the Lisa McPherson Trust dated February 2, 2001, has been referred to me for response. Please refer this matter to someone who is licensed to practice law in Florida. The balance of this letter is directed to such a person.

In the letter of February 2, 2001, Mr. Moxon alleged that there is an agreement executed by Maria Gardini in which she promised, among other things, never to tell the truth about Scientology. While I am gratified that Mr. Moxon has admitted on behalf of the cult that Scientology is willing to pay - or to sue - to prevent its victims from disseminating truthful information about their experiences on the road to Xenu, Mr. Moxon's history (along with the fact that he represents a business which charges people hundreds of thousands of dollars to rid themselves of the ghosts of kidnaped spacemen) prevents me and the Trust from accepting his word that such an agreement exists.

It is not possible to determine whether there is an agreement of the sort alleged or whether there has been any conduct by any party involving the subject matter of such an agreement, unless a copy of the executed agreement is produced. If such an executed agreement exists please provide me a legible copy within seven days. Failure to do so will constitute an admission that no such agreement exists.

Very truly yours,

John M. Merrett




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