Jeff Jacobsen speech to Clearwater city commission March 1

02 Mar 2001

My name is Jeff Jacobsen, I live at Coachman Crossing apartments.

For over a year now every day 2 uniformed off-duty police sit on Watterson Street next to the Scientology Bank building on Cleveland Street. They are there from 11am to 8pm 7 days per week, paid by Scientology. They do essentially nothing but sit in lawn chairs provided by Scientology.

Scientology came into Clearwater in 1975 with a plan to take over the city. In fact, Scientology still has the plan as this quote from their magazine called Source, issue 100 from 1997 says, where goal number 11 is "Clearwater known as the first Scientology city in the world."

In a January 21, 1983 article in the Clearwater Times, a survey of Clearwater citizens showed that “eight out of 10 adult residents think the Church of Scientology is a problem.” There were city commission investigations, police investigations, ordinances passed, mass rallies, many complaints, in short, real concern about Scientology by the community.

In 1995 Paul Maser of the Clearwater Police Department wrote an affidavit where the city was suing Scientology. He wrote about Scientology that "harassment and intimidation is authorized by the Church under the Fair Game Law, as dictated by L. Ron Hubbard founder of the Church of Scientology."

The City of Clearwater knows about Scientology. They know Scientology's history. And yet now I see the city officials kowtowing to Scientology. These uniformed off-duty Clearwater police on Watterson Street serve no real purpose. Antonio the Scientology security staffer sits all day with these 2 uniformed officers, sitting on Scientology chairs eating Scientology food enjoying Scientology company and doing essentially nothing for Scientology money. Some results of their presence are

1) Scientologists who may think of leaving Scientology may think twice when they see city police are in the pockets of Scientology

2) Scientologists are no doubt told that the police are there because of the dangerous people just down the street at the Lisa McPherson Trust and they are there for Scientologists’ protection.

Judge Thomas Penick in St. Petersburg ruled on February 21 of this year in a show cause hearing where Scientology accused some critics of 43 violations of Penick’s temporary injunction. Penick stated in his ruling that the Clearwater police are "coming very dangerously close to being a private security force for the Church of Scientology."

I urge the city commission to look into this matter. What has changed in Scientology’s behavior that city officials no longer view Scientology as dangerous? Why do the Clearwater police help promote Scientology’s agenda? Thank you

"The idea that one can 'push' Scientology and get no penalty is a false one." Russell Shaw

"To punish to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends" (The original Code of a Scientologist)


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