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02 Mar 2001

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This letter to the editor from Lisa McPherson was posted in September 1995. Three months later she was dead. I also include for context two responses to the post. If her "Church" had been a better one, she would still be here to write letters in their defense.


Festival could be economic opportunity
St. Petersburg Times
Friday September 8, 1995

Regarding "City cool to Scientology using Coachman Park."

What's wrong with a winter festival?

I read the article in the Aug. 31 paper about the winter festivities (sponsored by the Church of Scientology ) being considered for Clearwater's Coachman Park this holiday season. I was quite surprised to find such opposition to holiday activities for children.

It is hard for me to imagine anyone, especially one of our own city commissioners, objecting to Santa Claus and singing and to a church that wants to put this on. It looks like this has become a controversial issue - the holidays, of all things! I find it quite silly. The park is the perfect place for these activities and I look forward to seeing it.

Lisa McPherson


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