What Scientology did to Paulette Cooper

27 Feb 2001


Name: Chris M.
Location: You dont have to know
Occupation: Student

Hey Richard Halworth, maybe you should tell us how much good scientology did to Paulette Cooper, or maybe how much good it did to Lisa McPherson and the others who have died at scientologies hands?

Maybe then too, you can explain to us how much good scientology is doing when it tries its hardest to censor any criticizing opinion on the net and elsewhere? Is attempting to delete the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology something you consider right?

Do you believe it right to photograph protestors, write down their liscense plates, follow them home and then protest their homes? Is it alright then to throw out flyers proclaiming critics to be racists and bigots out to their nieghbors? Is it alright to tell people that a critic is making bomb allegations against you?

If Scientology is so grand and true, explain to me how this is possible. I'm waiting.

I only wish I had the bravery to stand with the protestors, but I am only 17, and I dont need the pain. But I commend those who are strong enough to do it in my place.

Its not that we ignore the good (if doing charitable things just to promote scientology as a religion can be considered good), its just that there is so much bad out there that the stench can be seen everywhere. And its not like the stench has stopped.

Imagine for a second, if the bible was copyrighted. Anyone who decides to post 'John 3:16' on a religious website would get sued by the vatican? Maybe an athiests web site would get sued because he criticized the bible? Sunday School costs $500 a week? Now that would all be good in your book, wouldnt it?

The parallels between Scientology and organized crime / MMF schemes are startling. The only difference is that in most cases Scientology doesnt kill them, but decides to 'dead agent' them by spreading as much lies about critics as possible and therefore trying to discredit them.

After all, we are 'Fair Game', right?


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