Jamie Kennedy pursued again

21 Feb 2001

Mike Krotz <TampaPI@verizonmail.com>

- From an email received today from Jamie Kennedy:


---For those who didn't see it, this last Monday the SF Chronicle did a front page feature on the cult of Scientology and interviewed me on L. Ron Hubbard being my great grandfather in a side article and the church's harassment and survelliance on me because of my poetic attacks against my family legacy and I was qouted as saying, "They can't shut me up. I've made an entire career on not giving a f---."

This statement has of course pissed the church off again (as if I care) and Tourettes regular MIGUEL was stopped at the Benicia Cafe by an older mysterious man who kept interrogating him and others at the cafe about me and the article.

Going by standard cult protocol and my great grandfather's battle plans, chances are almost certain that the cult will send an undercover church official or two to this Friday's Tourettes. They've done it before and have even bought my book off me personally without me knowing.

We'll play a fun game of GUESS WHO'S THE BRAINWASHED CULT SPY at the show and promptly kick the spy the fuck out on the street.


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