WFLA 970 AM this morning - Tampa Bay

09 Mar 2001

"M. C. DiPietra" <mdipietra@earthlink.net>

The Tampa Bay area's most popular morning talk radio show this morning featured the hosts on the phone with Jeff Jacobsen, discussing the way the Citizens for a Better Clearwater people dissed the bricks he bought to sponsor a public park improvement project. The bricks, in case you haven't been following along, cost $45 each and were to be engraved "Remember Lisa McPherson" and "In Memory of Congressman Leo Ryan" (who was killed at Jonestown cult tragedy).

Jeff had sent the group a letter asking if the Scn, Inc. security cameras that border one wall of the park would still be there after the improvements had been made.

The group's response was benign, but then Jeff got a letter saying the application for his bricks had been rejected, with something about their message not contributing to the harmonious community spirit they had in mind or something like that.

The hosts wanted to call Mayor Brian Aungst to find out who this group is and why Jeff's memorialization bricks wouldn't be accepted. They still might do it later this morning.

Jeff sounded remarkably awake and coherent for the hour of the morning. It was the first time I think I'd heard people talk about Scn, Inc. a bit on the air without being interrupted by some Scn PR person. Refreshing.

I hope the interview was taped somehow! They talked about Lisa, about Scn, Inc., and its level of influence with the city of CW.

-m., human being

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