The Purpose of the SuperPower Building - Peter N. Alexander

11 Mar 2001

kngpeter@aol.com (Kng Peter)

When I was still a public member of Scientology, I contributed $100,000 to the SuperPower Building, and therefor was "privy" to supposed inside information about the real purpose of the project.

According to Bruce and Charmain Roger, the registrars, and the SuperPower project leader, a lady from Guam whose name I can't seem to recall, the purpose of SuperPower and the new SuperPower building was to "undercut" the gradient for all of Scientology. They explained that no matter what level people attained in Scientology, they still had "out ethics" which were preventing them from realizing their gains. This, they said, applied to OT8's and OT7's, and well as people lower on the bridge. This was a tactic admission that Scientology's OT levels were not working, and additional hypnosis/brainwashing was required before anyone could become OT.

As proof of this, they invited me to several luncheons with Matt Feshbach, one of the Feshbach brothers who apparently have made a lot of money in arbitrage. Matt was, at the time, the only public person who had been "allowed" to complete SuperPower. He had done so at the Gold base, in the California desert. Matt was OT8, but he said that SuperPower was the best action he had ever done in Scientology. He described one particular rundown, in which he ran and ran around a "maypole" in a circle. He told me that all the members of the upper management of RTC (Religious Technology Center of Scientology) had also done this, and the other SuperPower rundowns.

I think this might explain why the RTC people, and some of the top (i.e.wealthy) public members are so brainwashed and robotic. These SuperPower rundowns apparently amount to about the same level of brainwashing as the Chinese Communists used during the Great Cultural Revolution, where they could "re-educate" (i.e. brainwash) even the toughest souls into complete submission. These Superpower rundowns have been in existence for some time, and in fact, I believe David Mayo reported that he had been put on the same "maypole" run during his time on the RPF (Slave Labor Brainwashing).

The purpose of the SuperPower building is to bring these rundowns to Clearwater. I met with Ken (can't remember his last name, but a nice guy from New Zealand) the Scientology Project Architect and went over the building plans. One of the main features of the building is a large, circular room with a maypole in the middle for the "running" rundown. The rest of the building includes a new auditorium and new auditing rooms.

The idea is that once this building is finished, SuperPower will be offered to the general public. Then Scientology, supposedly, will boom once again. Each and every Scientologist will be brainwashed to the same degree that the RTC managment have been turned into robots. So there will be armies and armies of robotic Scientologists.

Now that the Clearwater City government has been infiltrated and co-opted by the cult, Clearwater is considered a "safe space" and Scientologists are being encouraged to move there. One of the principle reasons for this is so that they can do the SuperPower rundowns. I can just see it now...hundreds of poor souls running around in a circle inside the SuperPower building, hoping to be able to buy the Salvation they will never achieve, trying to become free even as they turn themselves into robots.

Clearwater will become the number one Robot Factory on the planet, or so the Scientology management believes.

What will actually happen is that this brainwashing will "take" for awhile, then wear off, leaving the victims of the cult damaged, and probably broke. We'll have more and more broken, defeated people wandering the streets of Clearwater. As it is, most of the Scientologists who move to Clearwater end up leaving broke and destroyed, but this will accelerate with the completion of the SuperPower Project.

About the only bright side of this story is that, according to Ken the architect, David Miscavige is personally involved in the details of construction of this building. When I was (briefly) helping Ken, he reported to me that Miscavige completely changed the plans (from a kind of "streamline modern" building to a Spanish style structure).

This is "good" news because the interference of top (and unqualified) management in a construction project invariably equals both delays and cost overruns. So the project's schedule and fifty million dollar budget (it was $38 million before Miscavige became involved in the details) will probably "go south" as we say in the design trade, and it will turn into a mess. I don't know if the outside architectural firm (it was Spillas-Candelas, a well known Florida firm) is still on the job, but if they are, I'm sure they are tearing their hair out. In any event, my occasional trips over to Clearwater indicate that the job is moving very slowly....

Let's hope, however, that they do finish the job, so that when Lisa McPherson's family wins their lawsuit against Scientology, and are awarded the deed to the property, they'll be able to turn the building into something worthwhile...maybe a halfway house for broken ex-Scientologists. The only thing I can't figure out is what they are going to do with that big, circular "maypole" room. Anybody got any ideas?

Peter N. Alexander


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