Scientology's International Expansion

18 Mar 2001

michaelpattinson <karethian@aol.com>

All this travis Sargent junk reminds me of the truth that was revealed to me (I am New OT8) during a bigggg event in the mid 90's.

Guillaume Lesevre was up on stage with the over-size backdrops etc, giving out FSM awardslike they were Nobel Peace Prizes.

He called up some Mexican FSMs, one after the other with standing ovations, speeches,..the works. He reported to all present that the 12 FSMs from Mexico had disseminated 12,000 people in total !!!!! Wow!!!! What stellar stats!!!! Awesome applause, great group moral booster.....

all false. Period.

I was living in Mexico City at the time of the FSMs actions, and knew them all as well as the whole story about the Dissem events they did at the Hotel on Reforma Avenue.

They did weekend events for crowds of people. Maybe there were, possibly 1,000 people in total attending the events, let's be generous. But as it was organized by 12 FSMs they all counted 1000 people EACH for the stats!! Not only was it not 12,000 people but only maybe 1,000, but also the people were only on lines for TWO DAYS and were not "on the Bridge" any more by the next week. They never got on org lines!!! Maybe a handful did, and who knows for how long??

False stats by Guillaume the Frog. Kermit would have been more truthful.

You know, Travis, the sky is not even the limit when you can just dream up false stats and the culties swallow them like whole fish thrown to the seals. COS' stats are not only fishy they are rotten. The false PR betrays all those who trust the leaders of the group.

It looks like the false pr (numberless stats, Travis, are not stats at all.....check your P/Ls!!))is still going on by the looks of the latest buffet of cooked fishy tales.

Love, Michael.


18 Mar 2001
travissargent@aol.com (TravisSargent) said

Much to the great disappointment of critics I'm sure, Scientology is experiencing some truly phenomenal growth internationally!


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