OT3 never read as widely as today

17 Mar 2001


Upon coming home tonight, I learned that I had been slashdotted. Scientology had harassed Slashdot.org to remove a comment made last Friday on its webforum: a user who'd been annoyed by the ruling against Zenon had posted excerpts of OT3 which our fave cult subsequently threatened to sue over.

Slashdot grudgingly removed the offending poster, but not without making an elaborate statement about OT3, the Fishman Affidavit, Operation Clambake and the Lisa Trust. And they mentioned my legal OT3 version, while dutifully providing their readership with tons of links.

I am rather proud to announce that today my OT3 version ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/fishman/ot3.html) was requested by as many as 7658 people - an all-time high. Actually, my readers instantaneously increased with 50 percent - from circa 14,000 in two years and a half, to over 21,000 after another half day. And even more people have checked the introduction to the Fishman Affidavit ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/fishman/home.html), where Scientology's attempts at censorship and my legal victories are described: that page had 8407 visitors today. And the requests are still pouring in....

You can check the stats (stats? Already? It's not even Thursday yet!) at

http://viewstat.nedstat.nl/cgi-bin/viewstat?name=legalot3 (for the OT3 stats) and

http://viewstat.nedstat.nl/cgi-bin/viewstat?name=legalfishman (for the Fishman introduction stats).

Please, Scientology, never stop harassing people. From the original rmgroup message to you raiding and sueing people, your practices have been our best ally in exposing you.

Meanwhile, please note that I am providing more copies of OT3 than Scientology itself. And all for free....

Karin Spaink

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