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24 Mar 2001

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Who is Steven Fishman?

Was he really the biological father of Jesus Christ?

The Church of Scientology said he was. His auditors, Nancy Witkowski, Catherine Fox, Leah Abady, Ann Glushakow, Margaret Supak, Richard Reese, John Eastment, Hans Stahli, and Ray Mithoff all checked Steven Fishman on the e-meter over a period of years and told him over and over again that he was the biological father of Jesus Christ, and that it was Steve Fishman's resposibility to de-Christianize the planet by exposing the lie and the myth of the immaculate conception, and thereafter bring all of Christianity into Scientology as the largest FSM (Field Staff member) or conversion movement of planet earth.

You see, the Church of Scientology is an anti-Christian religion. On Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Tape # 112, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology who died a fugitive from justice in 1986, said, "Christ died for his own sins." In a confidential student briefing in 1980, Hubbard described Christ as a "pedophile" and as "lover of young boys."

I was told by Fred Hare, the Organizational Executive Secretary (OES) of the Mission of Fort Lauderdale, in 1987, that Christ was a later life cycle of the evil Emperor "Xenu", who, according to Hubbard, freeze-dried clusters of thetans or souls and transported them from an alien planet, Helatrobus, to Earth, which Hubbard called "Teegeeack." The word "Teegeeack", according to Russell Means, the leader of the American Indian Movement, is the name of a tribe of American Indians who settled and lived in Oregon in the early nineteenth century. The word "Teegeeack" means "tribe." Yet, Hubbard tried to pass off false definitions and concepts in his poorly written, illogically contrived "Advanced Technology", known also as the "Upper Level Materials" to unsuspecting Scientologists. In the "Advanced Technology", Hubbard talked about Xenu exploding clusters or freeze-dried packages of thetans inside volcanoes located in Las Palmas and Hawaii. Scientific evidence refutes completely that there was any explosion seventy-five million years ago in Las Palmas, because there was no volcanic activity present there at that point in time.

Scientology is a Satanic cult which has its origins in the work of Aleister Crowley, a well known Satanist. Hubbard was a disciple and student of Crowley between 1947 and 1949.

The "Advanced Technology" refers to "Body Thetans" or "BT's." After the purported volcanic explosions, and all of the thetans were released into the atmosphere, some attached themselves to and occupied the bodies of "genetic entities", and these were the bodies of animals, plants and fish. Hubbard's cosmology does not quarrel with evolution, but rather supports it. According to the "Advanced Technology", each living thing or "genetic entity" is occupied and controlled by a thetan, and since there are far more thetans in the atmosphere than live organisms on earth, there are many unattached thetans, and some of these, in their attempt to occupy a body, attach themselves instead to a body part, such as a nose hair or a toe nail, and these are called "Body Thetans" by the Church.

The scam of the "Advanced Technology" involves the removal of the Body Thetans one by one, at great expense, because the exorcism of each body thetan requires certain precise actions on the e-meter, which in turn has to be checked by a course supervisor.

The process of "intending away body thetans" is identical to the Satanic ritual of demonic exorcism. There is no difference, other than the Church's use of an e-meter, a rudimentary galvanic skin response device which is a crude imitation of a lie detector.

Dr. Geertz, my psychologist and co-defendant in the Fishman / Geertz case, points out that Hubbard used the term "body thetans" in the same meaning as one would refer to "germs" or "bacteria" in the air. After all, just like Hubbard's "body thetans", germs can't be seen or felt but can harm the person. Hubbard no doubt re-packaged the scientific findings of Louis Pasteur on germs and disease within the mystery of his own cosmology, so that he could charge a hefty amount of money for it. To that end he succeeded ---- up to now ---- because to accomplish such a task requires perfect secrecy and the lack of scientific and logical information.

For example, even if a Scientologist doing the OT levels is told by his Case Supervisor that he has to get rid of a trillion body thetans, and he has managed to beg, borrow or steal the "donations" needed to audit out the body thetans and to have his auditing supervised (at that point the Scientologist is "self-auditing" on the e-meter or auditing himself by holding the two soup cans together in one hand and writing down the readings of the e-meter needle with the other), he has the logistical question to deal with: "What if the body thetans I have sent away ever come back?"

After all, what guarantee is there that after you "intend away" a body thetan (still assuming for the ease of understanding that the body thetans are like "germs"), it will not come back to re-attach itself to you?

What this causes is the most destructive kind of paranoia imaginable. A fear so devastating to the human mind that it has resulted in countless people going insane; or in Scientology's own words, "spinning in." Scientology even has named a condition for it: PTS Type III, where a person goes totally out of control in an induced paranoid psychosis.

It is for that reason why it is so vital and important for the upper levels be free and available on the Internet. Everyone, Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike, should have the right to "informed consent in spiritual matters", which is a religious freedom and basic religious right which is just as important as free speech on the Internet.

When I attached the upper level materials as an exhibit to my declaration in the Fishman / Geertz case, I had no idea that it would ever develop into a controversy within the Internet, nor did I think the upper level exhibit was all that important anyway. The average man in the street, called a "wog" by Scientology, would think that the OT levels are nothing more than bad science fiction writing. All I was trying to do at that time was (1) to clear my name by proving I had been a Scientologist, despite the Church's ongoing claims that I was never a Scientologist at all but rather a mental patient who was never eligible for Scientology. Why then, if I were never a Scientologist, would I have acquired the third largest library of Scientology books, reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, hat packs, technical bulletins, policy letters, executive directives, course packs and ethics orders in the world?

I also wanted to show that (2) Scientology has techniques which can negatively impact on one's ability to think clearly, logically and reason things out for oneself. The OT levels prove how the Scientologist is manipulated, because these specific auditing routines and drills are included in the exhibit.

Why should a group calling themselves a "Church" have secrets from their own members? Are they so ashamed of the OT levels that they want to hide them from Scientologists, as well as from potential critics and theologians who write religious commentary? You decide.

The Church of Scientology has an L. Ron Hubbard home page, and also a Dead Agented Steven Fishman home page. (Officially, there is a disclaimer at the end of the homepage which reads "Theta Com was set up and is read by David Elrod.

This is NOT an official Church site." My, how cowardly.

Furthermore, what disturbs me the most is having a Steven Fishman home page run side by side with an L. Ron Hubbard home page. I don't like to share the spotlight with a wanted fugitive. You didn't know? L. Ron Hubbard was a fugitive from justice wanted by the F.B.I. at the time of his death. He let his third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, take the "rap" for him while he was living under the assumed name of Jack Mitchell in a bluebird trailer; always hiding from the authorities until he died of a stroke (or from his own overts and withholds) in 1986. He even grew a beard in 1981 to change his identity.

Despite the fact that we never had the pleasure of seeing a story on L. Ron Hubbard on "America's Most Wanted", the Church repeats over and over again that I am the criminal. Yes, I was in federal prison ---- serving a sentence for crimes for which I was trained in Scientology. I suppose that is old news. However, it would be nice for David Elrod (if indeed there is such a real person) to give equal time on the L. Ron Hubbard home page for a detailed description of Ron's crimes as well.

Scientology also provided a fascinating document, "Declaration of Steven Jay Goldberg", as more Dead Agenting.


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