SCN attempts to attack "The Profit" again

24 Mar 2001

theprofitinfo@aol.com (The Profit Info)

Today one of the insurers we used during filming of "The Profit" brought us a "strange delivery." It appears that Scn just sent this insurance agency a very large DA pack...with the usual trash: BobMinton/Nigeria/moneylaundering/yada/yada/yada. The guy from the insurance company didn't know what to make of it since none of it applied to us...so he brought it to us with a puzzled look on his face. Happily, we got the opportunity to INFORM him about the cult of Scn.

His question to us was: WHY would anybody think that this stuff would discourage anybody? It's a bunch of wierd, obviously bogus, piece meal allegations that not only have no documentation, but no signature.

We said: Welcome to the parallel universe that Scn lives in...totally lacking in any basis of fact or reason...i.e. no proof...no logic...just screeching lies.

One interesting note: The return address on this DA pack was....OUR office address. Yes, folks, they are sending DA packs attempting to stop the movie, and addressing them from US! DUH! Somebody alot closer to the SCN mindthink will have to explain THAT one to me. I would guess it borders on mail fraud, but it's just too funny to take seriously.

In the interim...we are working away and we hope you all will check out new changes to "The Profit" website: http://www.theprofit.org

"The Profit"....the movie that couldn't be stopped!

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