E-mail "threat" received yesterday, and other minor harassment

25 Mar 2001

paulettec@aol.com (Paulettec)

E-mail "threat" received yesterday, and other minor harassment

Usually the Scientologists leave me alone, knowing that I'm not doing anything about them and it's better not to get me started. But when I went to California two weeks ago, and visited (totally socially) a few major critics, weird things began happening again.

It appeared that on my last night in California, while I was visiting a major critic, someone tried to break into my hotel safe, and possibly also fooled around with my hotel bill. (But more likely it was just a computer glitch that caused $1200 to be added to my bill that evening for "Valet parking" when I didn't have a car.)

When I returned from California, someone kept calling to "interview" me. And then yesterday, I got a "threatening" e-mail after I responded in a sniffy tone to a Scientologist's nasty email putting down my old friend and anti-Scientology author, Robert Kaufman, who died a few years ago.

Below is the 2nd e-mail, followed by the first e-mail (actually my response to it; I put carats before her comments) and a brief write-up on the visit.

Subj: Re: Robert Kaufman Date: 3/23/2001 2:43:19 PM Eastern Standard Time From: silveron@prodigy.net (Carla Sanabria) To: Paulettec@aol.com

But it is oh so true. No I have not lost a dime on my Scientology services. In fact, I more than doubled my income!!! But an ass like youself could'nt duplicate that if your  life depended on it! You have foamed at the mouth for years about LRH. It is time for justice bitch!!!! For everyone of you so called detractors I could easily find 1,000 positive results. You are a phoney person and you are lost and will remain lost. I'll keep good taps on you, so when you are knocked off by your own sickness, I'LL BE THERE SPIRITUALLY TO GIVE YOU A GRAND TOUR OF THE OTHER SIDE. THAN YOU WILL FIND OUT WHAT REALITY IS ALL ABOUT. SLEEP TIGHT OLD DOG. I'LL BE VISITING YOU IN YOUR DREAMS. If you feel a bump in the night, don't worry it's just me!!!! SID JUSTICE

(the following is her first e-mail with my response to it

----- Original Message ----- From: Paulettec@aol.com To: silveron@prodigy.net Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 1:54 PM Subject: Re: Robert Kaufman

In a message dated 3/23/2001 1:11:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, silveron@prodigy.net writes:

What a great write up you did.

Where? What are you referring to?  I haven't written anything about Bob in a couple of years and then just a brief obituary.

But you forgot to put in there that your dearest Bob sure had a passion for young boys.

Actually it was girls. Prostitutes. Black

It is poetic justice that dear old Bob was fighting the very thing that could have salvaged him.

Prostitutes could have saved him?

Or do you mean Scientology, which he realized 20 years earlier caused people to go crazy and lose their sense of compassion and reality, as obviously happened to you.

What a happy day!!

You mean the one when you realize you're being had in Scientology, that you paid thousands of bucks and gave up your life and it's time to get out and save what life (and money)you have left.

Ding dong the loser is dead the whimpy loser is dead!!!!!

And it will happen to you too.  Not soon enough, alas.

Sid Justice

Sid Vicious would have been a better name for you.


As for the visit, some idiot kept calling when I got back from California, trying to "interview" me. He didn't leave a phone number, and claimed to be writing an undergraduate paper on Scientology.  (They never change their story.)

And then Friday, a Robert Bryan (Robert Ryan?) simply showed up downstairs and tried to get up to my apartment to see me but the doorman blocked him.

I asked the doorman to tell him to call me and he did, repeating his cover story (by the way, he was described as in his mid 50's, hardly a typical undergrad) and I told him that I don't do interviews on Scientology.

He then asked me what they really wanted to know:  "Your book is quite dated. "Are you writing a new one?" I told him no and that he could get all the updated information he wanted by going to alt.religion.scientology, or reading "L. Ron Hubbard: "Madman or Messiah" or "A Piece of Blue Sky."


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