A "Lurker" Speaks! -- It starts with a 'free' personality test

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Hello All,

I am so glad that this board is here. You all have provided so much information, and I am deeply grateful for it. Here is my story:

Last year, I entered college (straight out of high school, young and naive, you know the drill), and I was approached by someone wanting me to take a personality test. I declined at the time because I was late for a class, and didn't think much about it.

About 3 months later, I was again approached, and having some free time, I thought "why not?" After taking the test, I became concerned about how many "problems" I had. To make a long story short, I bought into the whole thing. I began telling my boyfriend what a wonderful thing Scientology was, how it could help him with some of his problems, etc. He stated that he wanted to find out more information about it before he got involved, asked me for some informational materials, etc.

I didn't know at the time that he knew all about it, and to make an even longer story short (seem to be using that phrase a lot) he begin to ask me questions-not in a way that was a direct attack, just to get me to think for myself. His tactic worked-he began giving me information about what courts have said, Lisa McPherson, what LRH really said, and directed me here. (He, too, is a lurker, and rarely comes to read the ng anymore-he also advised me not to post until I've read enought to get a sense of who is who, etc).

I got out before I became to deeply involved and lost a lot of money. Anyway, I am (of couse) grateful to him, and those who post here.

I hope to post more, but please keep in mind that I am new to this whole newsgroup thing, and I'm asking in advance for your patience if I don't understand something. I've learned from my above experience to ask questions and research as much as possible, so I will be asking what may seem to be simple minded questions to you, but please keep in mind when you were new to the whole internet world! :-)

Thanks again all,


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