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Date: 12/4/1997

I attended a wonderful meeting tonight at Flag. It thoroughly handled any questions I had about the ongoing investigation of Lisa McPherson's death. I almost bought the 1/2 truths and untruths and omitted truths being generated by the local city government and our local mullet wrappers(a derogatory term for junk journalist papers-a mullet is a fish).

Almost. Except that I couldn't seem to make some of the things add up. Now I can. Because management cared and finally uncovered what REALLY occurred, not only in the death, but in the attacks on the Church. This may or may not be published in the news...depending on just how much truth *they* can handle. Too much truth isn't a healthy atmosphere for some journalists....but I bet that Freedom magazine will tell it like it really is.

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From: LizzyApple
Date: 12/5/1997

MANAGMENT for our church is the BEST, isn't it!!!!! They are always looking out for us and our welfare. I have found this to be true to the max since I started with the church almost 30 years ago. They are on the ball, they provide us with the best of everything, they make sure all of L. Ron Hubbard's works are exactly duplicated word-for-word for us, and they go about the business of freeing "planet earth" daily. They are great. And they are to be admired immensely.

You just say that because you have untreated Clue Deficit Disorder.
-- Chris Leithiser


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