OT8 secrets forced out of me in deposition

30 Mar 2001

In 1998 I sued the cult of Scientology, its leaders, organizations and management for fraud, and 12 other charges relating to their not delivering to me what was promised etc.....I did this even though I was a "New OT 8" as I found out the real extent of the deceit and fraud I had been subjected to. I was apalled.

Many of you may have read the short but interesting posting by Arianne Jackson, New OT8, who posted the entire process of New OT8 on the internet some years ago.

Does anyone have that filed someplace? I have not seen that in a little while.

Well, what happened to me during a deposition in 1999 was most unexpected. I was forced to endure a total of, I think, 11 days of very unpleasant and hostile deposition around July 1999 under the belligerent and offensive attitudes of Samuel D. Rosen Esq. and a part by Kendrick Moxon, both Scientology-hired attorneys. They were accompanied by what I can only call "goons" from OSA whose apparent job was to bullbait me by interjections into the proceedings.

Anyway, at one point Mr. Rosen was forcing me to give "wins" from my Scientology levels (where the wins were temporary but my payments were permanent). So I gave wins as I could remember them, as Mr. Rosen gouged his way through my private life and memories.

When it came to "wins" from New OT8 all I could remember was the full and complete "End Phenomenon" (EP) which I attested to after completing OT8 in Feb. 1990. I was very hesitant to give the Super-secret ultra-confidential EP of the only existing OT level in existence, specially as it had never been revealed in public before.

I knew that the deposition was part of the public record of the case, and that the deposition would be filed and viewable by anyone who wanted to.

I said to Mr. Rosen that I preferred not to go into that, and repeated my great hesitancy a few times so he would not miss the point. You can see it on the video, OSA. In the end he almost shouted at me, ordering me to give the information. I said "Mr. Rosen, this is very unusual"....but he insisted. So I stated into the public record my above-mentioned "win"


Copyrighted by Scientology, all rights reserved.

I claim "Fair Use" for this quote to relate to my analysis of the deposition occurrence I am posting about)

I could not believe that he would forcibly get me to reveal the truth (and nothing but the truth) about the OT Level "Truth Revealed" publicly! What could they possibly have had to gain from it? Or was it just stupidity or incompetence?

I did notice that the OSA bullbaiter-"assistants" seemed a little more pale but they always looked ghoulish and pasty anyway.

After the next break I saw whitish-complexioned OSA goons on cell phones etc..and then when the deposition resumed they stated that they wanted the deposition sealed immediately.

Graham Berry, my very courageous and able attorney, told them that they had no legal right to do so. Only a judge can seal a Court document.

I have heard nothing from any one about any sealing or not of the breach of OT security by Mr. Rosen in the Court records, so I guess it is still right there in the public records in the State Court of Los Angeles.

Does this count as a footbullet of some magnitude?

I was reminded of this by the news that the cult had continued its fair game against Graham Berry (they just took his only car away from him, just as they had done with mine). It jolted my memory on this point.

I remember we had spoken of the fair game attacks against both of us during our lawsuit. And I got to remembering...Funny how memory works that way....

I have a vague-ishly haunting, but strong feeling that further fair game against me or my attorney will jog many other memories loose. I guess it is the release of pent-up knowledge of frauds, crimes and irregularities I had seen while in Scientology. Gosh, I wonder what I will be reminded of next.....? Right now I don't know what will be dislodged.

I guess if someone shows me valid and legal Court documents showing that at some time the above info was sealed by the judge in the case then I will probably have to cancel this posting, but for now I am posting it as -is.

I have no idea how fast it is on the internet for people to copy this posting, file it on hard drives, web it etc, but I guess it doesn't matter, as if I have to cancel this posting some day some time the cult will still consider the EP of New OT8 confidential just as they do with the tons of NOTS, OT levels etc.... which have been downloaded by probably thousands of people all over the world.

Well, I thought this was a fascinating experience so I am glad to share it with you.



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