OSA in Russia (was Re: osa 0/5 Russian Language skills)
6 Apr 2001
tinmimus99@hotmail.com (mimus)

Joe's Garage <swatron@xenu.net> wrote:

> Here's your big chance to demonstrate your Russian language skills. > It starts off easy and gets progressively more difficult.

The first couple are bilingual, eh?

The last couple hopeless.

Here's my try at osa03, and thank God for Romanov's dictionary (us Russists call it a _slovar_):



The Situation in Voronezh

I have received a report from Gratov Geolin about that letter to the Voronezh Dianetics Center that at the insistence of the Voronezh Oblast Procurator there will be a new investigation into and possibly a criminal case begun about illegal employment.

The earlier case was dropped for lack of evidence.

By information confirmed to me by Yelena Klyuessa, who has a relative working in the Voronezh Oblast Procurator's office, "The Dianetics letter was sent on instruction from the Procurator General that a case be opened."

It is entirely possible that these are planned acts--refusal to register the Center, action to indict the Center for illegal employment, "black propaganda" in the Voronezh and Novovoronezh press.

The Center is now attempting to register as a non-commercial partnership, in a founder's organization to include not only those people who were founders of the public organization not allowed to register, but other people, besides that part of the "old" founders in the list of the founders of the noncommercial partnership who are absent. A provisional registration may take place this month.

By information which we have for the time being not clear who will have concrete departmental command of the renewed investigative activity toward the Voronezh Dianetics Center. I requested Yelena Klyuessa to continue communication with her uncle, who works in the Procurator's office, about how she earlier gave literature to him and now new publications appear, but it is necessary to stop giving him new literature, besides that, his wife has become interested in Dianetics and with her it might be possible to establish communication, possibly in the manner of "I saw your relative in Moscow, all is well with her, she's a very good and esteemed specialist, she requested me to give her reagards and this booklet.

If you want I may clear up your [questions] some time, I myself have taken many courses, and received many wins . . . . , I take now . . . . , very welcome! Further talk about participation in and activity of the Center, and the center's very useful and effective activity, not indeed commercial activity, but perceptual processes, testing, that there will be many of these centers in every city, from those working people will grow more able at work, improve their family relations, raise their effectivneness, improve their ability to solve problems. Stories about items in the Moscow news-- this yet one confirmation thus, of what some poeple trust for attainment of their goals in politics, for capture of spheres of influence, for possibly, in order to punish evil, knowing what crime this person did, or what violation of moral and ethical principles. For normal (social) personalities, this method is appreciated by very many, who know, what and who yield real benefits for the Country."

Contracting is being done to establish contact, to supply the aunt with information.

It is necessary to guide the investigation and to have uncovered that suppressive personality which made these accusations against the Center and afterwards smash in publications letters by these suppressive personalities. Even just carrying out a continuation of what is already being done might give results.

M. L. Shilov


(And it's worth every penny you paid for it.)

Note the seductive nature of the pitch to the Uncle's wife, that it will improve working people, and help her and her husband to political power, and help the country.

I felt soiled just translating this.

By the way, "suppressive personality" in Russian seems to be _<<podavlyayushchyuyu lichnost'>>_, and is presumably abbreviated _<<PL>>_.

-- tinmimus99@hotmail.com

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