New: Second psychology hate magazine -- Victimizing the elderly

Fredric L. Rice

Okay, one more before I take a break. This is more draining than I thought it would be since I find myself laughing some times and utterly amazed at the cheek of these nutters at other times. This one doesn't have a date either but I'll describe the _wonderful_ magazine cover for you. I may send all of this stuff to colleagues if they can scan these photographs in and make them available.

Maybe I should ask a member of the mental health industry if they're interested in these conspiracy magazines. Any way, here we have:

Victimizing the elderly
A parody of help
Denying respect

Here we have an old lady in a wheel chair, a guy with his hand around her throat behind her, the guy with an evil snarl on his face. The old lady's got her mouth open in a scream, I suppose. While that's going on, a doctor to her left is going through her purse that's in her lap and he's taking out a load of paper money. The doctor on her right is getting an injection ready. The old lady's left hand is trying to stop the guy on her left from taking her money and her left hand it out to where the doctor on her right can inject her -- with something yellow that looks for all the world like urine. And yes, she looks frightened.

Oh: Did I mention that the orderly demon choking the old woman in the wheelchair from behind has got _massively_ hairy arms? <heh> These guys added hair to the guy's knuckles and between the webbing in the guy's hands -- doesn't look like a very good doctoring of the photographs yet we've seen doctored photographs that are much worse coming out of the Scientology organization. They didn't spend much time on this one either.

What a wonderful magazine cover!

Okay, let's see what psychiatry has been doing to the elderly, shall we? Open the conspiracy magazine... Ah, we start out with "The shameful fate of our elderly." Picture of grandma and grandpa looking decrepit and sorrowful. It's not eexactly explained how the mental health industry is killing off the eelderly yet we get a homily from Scientology's fake "international president" -- who is supposed to be Heber Jentzsch! -- with the following Fair Use extract:


The profession is psychiatry, and the damage it has done and is doing to the elderly should not be tolerateed in a civilized society."


Whereas Scientology murder and racketeering, presumably, should be. In fact Scientology's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard said that "some day people will call what we do illegal" and Hubbard said that before that day happens, Scientology must be in a position "to say what's illegal or not." Still, there's a lot of nut claims on this page without any testables; just vague, insane, meandering nut ranting.

Strange... this issue actually has page numbers. Let's turn to page 4 and 5, then, and find out what else psychiatry has been up to.

Cool, we have another picture of grandma in her wheelchair only this time the amount of hair on the orderly's arm is much less -- must have paused to shave while restraining grandma -- and the doctor on the right has his needle just about in grandma's arm. This section is titled, "Involuntary committmeent of the helpless" with "imprisonment" along the side.

Strange... I check and I can't find any mention of Lisa McPherson or her being tied down and imprisoned by Scientology for 17 days before they starved her to death. Must have forgot about it. Ah, they call putting gramps in a home, "Legal assault." We get some sob stories about fictional constructs with no testables, as usual. We get numbers and percentages pulled out of Scientology's ass without reference, as usual.

What's interesting is that this nut rant complains about the Baker Act. It was the lack of Baker Acting Lisa McPherson that allowed Scientology to murder her. If the authorities had been able to Baker Act her, she would be alive today. Strange how they "forgot" to mention that.

Turn the page.

Now we get a look at "How does involuntary committment occur?" We get some vague notions yet we end with the insane nutters claiming that committment becomes an "rest-of-their-life sentence" as if it were a prison or an inturnment camp. <heh> Some of the nut rhetoric is rather amusing... Seems that even killers and terrorists are given "basic human rights" but that the elderly aren't. No mention of the RPF or the masisve human rights violations inside of Scientology for some mysterious reason.

Going on to page 8 and 9 we get to what motivates the mental health industry. No, it's not what Scientology _really_ believes. There's no mention of Xenu, invisible murdered space alien fragments called "Body Thetans," or the Marcabian Invasion Fleet from Outer Space that L. Ron Hubbard warned us about... No, this conspiracy magazine doesn't mention any of what Scientology _really_ thinks about the mental heealth industry. In the section title "The hoax of 'Mental Illness'" with "Fakery & Quackery" we don't see any mention of the cult's deadly and dangerous quack medical frauds NarCONon or "auditing" et al. We get to see that the mental health industry is all about money.

Pages 10 and 11... More of the same nut ranting only this one attempts to focus upon "thee drugging of the elderly." Here the nutters post a graph "percentage of outpatints found to have medically-induceed 'psychiatric disorders.'" Strange, I can't find where they get their value of 91% This magazine must be defective, too. This section is rather the worse one so far as disjointeed nuttieness is concerned. The Scientology cult needs to hire someone who can write, edit, and spell properly to work up their conspiracy nut magazines.

Turning the page to pages 12 and 13. "How your money funds these outrages" with the subtitle "INSURANCE FRAUD." Uh, no meention I can see of how Scientology rported these alleged crimes. Come to think of it, there's no mention at all of Scientology for some strange, mysterious reason. We see four newspaper clippings using four different fonts which try to look like they're newspaper clippings from different papers, I guess. In all four we're not given enough information to actually track down these alleeged articles to even see whether they're real or whether they're more of Scientology's tradition of concocting fakes. The first one has "journal staff writer" which doesn't identify the publication. The other three have _nothing_ that can bee checked; no names, no dates, nothing.

Sounds like what we see in the a.r.s newsgroup all the time, huh?

Turning the page to pages 14 and 15 we find, "Treatment and betrayal" with the subtitle "Harm & Abuse." We get another graph without any reference that can be checked, this one claiming that 730,000 elderly people died from reactions to prescription drugs over the past 10 years. We get another fictional sob story.

Um, turning the page again... pages 16 and 17 gives an amusing, lengthy nut rant into shock treatment of the elderly. We get more numbers pulled out of David Miscaviage's ass, it looks like, without any attempt to provide references to back them up with. The next couple of pages continue the insane nut rant, showing Ernest Hemmingway and trying to claim that he killed himself because of the mental health industry some how (it's not made clear.) We get mor percentages for a graf that's apparently pulled out of Scientology's ass as there's no tstable reference. The next two pages continue thee nut rant offering more numbers and peercentages without any tstabl references.

Still no mention of Xenu, Body Thetans, or Marcabs.

Cool, we get two doctored photographs on this page, one for a "Bert Potter" who was allegedly sexually assaulting children (which Scientology thinks are adults only in small bodies so they can engage in sexual intercourse if they wish since they're actually adults some how) and Donald R. Person, also sexual abuse of children is alleged. I have to womnder why the Scientology crime syndicate feels the need to alter photographs to add blotches, bumps, and skin rashes to their foes.

Finally on pages 22 and 23 we get to the solution! I was hoping there was a solution since it all seemed so hopeless. Wont somebody _DO_ something? Well, thank Xenu Scientology came along to offer us, "They deserve better." Scientology's solution? Work with Scientology by calling up your Congress and other political critters and unthinkingly mouth off Scientology conspiracy nut rants and demand that somebody _DO_ something! If someone tries to put uyou in a home, call up Scientology and report it!

Um, that's strange... They don't actually mention the fact that it's Scientology that people are supposed to work with. They mention the fake front "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" yet the crime syndicate forgot to mention that it's really Scientology. Strange how they could forget to mention something as important -- and embarrassing -- as that.

Last page (thank Xenu!) is a repeat of the cult's lies about what their "Citizens Commission on Human Rights" is all about, failing to mention that it's actually Scientology, of course.


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