Dutch Home Office Secretary avoids getting asbestos-poisoning from 'Deathwinds'

ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT alias DOT net> 10 Apr 2001

"Icee" <icee@chello.nl> wrote:

> I wrote to several port-authorities, docks, health-departments, 'The
> Gouvernment' and newspapers. I also took care to cc everybody I
> wrote preventing them being able to say that they had received
> nothing and therefore had not acted. Most of these people meet on a
> daily/weekly base socially and it became unavoidable for them not to
> answer, when La Prensa (newspaper) who had seen everybody
> cc'd in their own letter, asked them for comments.
> Several other people have written as well, but what triggered the
> whole story was when I and somebody else well-known in these
> newsgroups participated in an Antillean newsgroup and spilled the
> story and got the people interested enough to also send letters
> to several terminals.

The general impression prior to this was that some bribe money would change hands and it would be over. This is probably true throughout the Dutch Antilles. What is also true is that the cult must now forevermore fear the possibility of even one honest official (like Lot), with the heart of a lion and wit of a fox, to swoop down on them unawares and find possible other legal problems with the ship, which are not so easily disposed of.

There are many reasons to want to sweep the asbestos problem under the rug, the primary being, as the port authorities themselves complained, that most ships before 1970 also have this asbestos, and that most ships docking there are from prior to 1970. I imagine, though, that if this were the case, the cult ship would simply brazenly sail into port and then begin kicking up a huge storm about them being singled out for examination while pointing out all the other ships in the very same dock which no doubt also contain asbestos.

They could also, if they had done so, claim to have fully and properly sealed the asbestos to make it safe. They didn't do this. They instead snuck in and out of port by night. This is good. This reminds them that they are criminals who need to sneak in and out of places because of their crimes. This forces them to watch their backs. This may disillusion members who believe their cult has the full support of society. This may cause them to break fewer laws and be more sneaky about the laws they do break.

In short, whether or not it "works" in the sense of forcing them to clean up this asbestos and probable other criminal violations of sea safety rules, or else spend the rest of their tenure above the waves sneaking from port to port like thieves or pirates.

All other ports on the death-ship's itinerary should be similarly informed, especially if there are ports less corrupt at islands known for better ethics. Many port authorities in these little governments are quite corrupt, however, and it is probably difficult to find an honest port authority.

Nevertheless, they should spend their days in fear of an honest harbormaster who will inspect the death-ship both for asbestos and for other possible criminal activities. Scientology is a crime cult, and it is unlikely that asbestos is the sole crime they commit aboard the Deathwinds. Indeed, they are reputed to run a special super-secret RPF aboard the Deathwinds, where they keep people prisoner who otherwise might spill knowledge too dangerous. Marty Rathbun, for example, was imprisoned aboard the Deathwinds to re-brainwash him back into the crime cult.



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