Drunken Jesus attacks police

14 Dec 2001


Drunken Jesus attacks police

A 31-year-old drunk from Bergen who believed he was Jesus attacked a policeman who entered his train compartment. The defendant explained that he mistook the police officer for Judas.

A Bergen court did not attach any weight to the accused's explanation the he was the son of God, and sentenced him to 120 days in prison, but suspended half of the sentence, the local Bergens Tidende reports.

The Bergen man had just been released from custody in Skien when he boarded the afternoon express to his hometown. During the trip he consumed considerable amounts of alcohol, and pestered other passengers until the conductor intervened and tried to reason with him.

This resulted in violence, and after smashing the conductor's radio set, the punching and kicking Christ was eventually subdued by train personnel. Police boarded the train at Arna station, when the violence continued, with the inebriated assailant trying to kick and bite the arresting officer.

"I entered a fantasy world where I was Jesus and the police officer was Judas," was the man's explanation later.


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