'You Bad!' Acceptable religious child abuse on television

13 Oct 1996

Interestingly enough I just saw on the television a show called "America's funniest videos" -- I think it's a series that either runs daily or comes up once a month or so.

One of the videos was taken inside of a Christanic church. The people were conducting a Christanic ritual on a baby. After the priest dunked the baby's head into some water, the baby started crying. When the kid stopped screaming it turned around, pointed at the cultist, and yelled, "You bad!"

What's so horrible about the whole thing was the laughing of the cultists at this child's misery of being subjected to this evil ritual. Had these been any religion other than Christianity and been shown on the air, it would have been on the news with a follow-up story covering the creeps' crimnal charges.

And Christiancs point at fictional religions -- Satanists -- and demand there's something wrong with _them_. Wasn't there something in the classical Christanic mythologies about removing the mote in one's own eye before looking for others to pluck out?


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