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Are you still maintaining the skeptic tank page? I was going through old boxes and found a newspaper article on Philip Kramer's disappearance, so I checked the internet to see what's happened since the 2/11/96 article. After learning that his body was found, I searched a little more to see if the government connection was known, and was glad that someone had posted your web site at http://www.raids.org/kramer.htm.


Thanks for your note. Yes, I was informed by Senator Trifficant's offices that Mr. Kramer's remains had been retrieved and, of course, his sister had been notified so I assumed that that was the end of the story.

CIA operatives are not allowed to tell people that they work within the CIA and ex-officers extremely rarely ever mention it. You'll find copies of an unclassified CIA handbook given to officers and staff when they are hired on the Internet. Within that handbook people are requested to never divulge the information and, when asked, are ordered to indicate that they "work for the government."

So I have to presume that your friend Al isn't telling the truth about once having worked within the CIA. He would have been sanctioned for offering such information already had it been factual, I have to believe.

The thing is, Senator Trifficant's office apparently doesn't accept the supposition that Mr. Kramer fell asleep behind the wheel -- at least someone inside of their office doesn't accept that conclusion and he or she believes there was something more sinister done to Mr. Kramer.

You might consider posting your suspicions to the alt.conspiracy newsgroup.


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