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Gregg says...

For Rosalita, Velcro Kitty and the rest of the Co$/OSA.

You complain I have preached, sung, spoken and shouted outside the doors of your 'money making' Org because the Co$ can not abide the truthful speech I utter.

For 3 years I have exposed Hubbards speudo-scientific 'Xenu Discovery' for the cruel deception and poor Science Fiction it is.

I have reiterated in a variety of ways these truthful statements:

"Scientology does not tell the truth; Scientology management engages in unethical and sometimes illegal activities; Some of the practices of Scientology are potentially harmful, even deadly; The founder of Scientology did not tell the truth about himself, his record, or his education; and Scientology has *never* provided *any* evidence that *any* of its technology works."

Will OSA tell me what is wrong with disseminating those facts? Other than it tends to throw a crimp in your bait and switch game?

March 11, Felskes act of sending storm troopers on to the street to shout down my Right to voice my criticism , impede my Right to communicate my criticism to others and deny others their Right to hear what I have to say, was a terrible display of contempt for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If my words were "Denigrating of a Religious Belief", then the law could be used by the Co$ to stop me. If my words were defaming of Scientology then Co$ has the money, lawyers and inclination to take me to court. Co$ has sued others in this country for Defamation and lost, have they not?

You , Velcro and Rosalita, refuse to face the reality of Canadian Free Speech Guarantees: Truthful speech is not Hate Speech or Defaming Speech or Dangerous Speech, except to those who fear the truthful content of that speech.

I have not been alone in my efforts. I have been amazed at the courage it takes for the ex scientologists to participate in our peaceful pickets. I am envious of the courage of the other demonstrators who come out even in anticipation of the faces of blistering hatred and personal harassment they may experience at the hands of the Co$ staff and agents, both at the picket and away.

I know I am no hero, I am just an average person, whom the Co$ does not like for repeating Truths the Co$ would rather were not known generally. I am just an ordinary person, whom the Co$ is trying to "lie to, trick or destroy". I have reported all the nasty things I am aware the Co$ has done about me and my friends so as others who choose to join us may do so knowing what malice may be directed their way.

The complaints the OSA have voiced about the 'Red Herrings' I have fed them are laughable. You are a predator who complains your prey isn't predictable, may have camouflage, doubles back, disguises tracks and even sets traps for *you*.

Well, that's what you get for hunting a human.

Even an ordinary one like me.

I can not be held responsible for your expenditure of resources both time, money and manpower, pursuing blind leads OSA accepted from me. (Even when they are in a post signed by a famous one man fake Resistance Movement from a Science Fiction Story actually discussed on this NG.]

Why would OSA want to pursue the details of my life? Unless, of course, the Co$ was still morally deficient as it proved itself to be in the past, eh?

The vast majority of what you know of me is what I chose to tell you.

It was I who told you I was an Exit Counselor. What did it matter? Did I gain anything? If you chose to believe me, an SP, someone you regard as an ENEMY and pursue that fiction for your own evil purposes, then it is sour grapes to complain I tricked you. It smacks of a Bully complaining a victim ducks and won't stand still.

OSA has managed to look up some public records, which *I* led them to. (Even then DSA Al Buttnor couldn't get the full name of the ESI Council right. But I felt great repeating his misquote.) Other public records I have pointed the OSA to, on this NG, have concerned some of my businesses, Intellectual Properties and Copyrights.

OSA has still not been able to ascertain my personal source of income, beyond what I have permitted them to know. This has not stopped OSA Agent Peter Ramsay from making threats to defame my wife or my brother to their respective superiors. The local OSA has tried to promote and sell their superiors on the idea Bob Minton has somehow financed me. However that fiction is their own and not reflected in reality.

However, I do concede OSA has managed to locate and terrorize the old, the ill and the weak in my family.

And OSA agent(s) have managed, with a great deal of expertise and maniacal obsessiveness, to harass myself, my family and my friends.

OSA has attempted to and even successfully managed to harass me on this NG, by throwing out little bits of 'dug up' info. Often this harassment has occurred here and I have not seen it but others have forwarded it to me, well meaningly, so as to let me know what is going on. (This act of compassion by others is counted on by the Co$ to make sure the poison is spread.)

In fact, I have to admit, the OSA have made my family afraid for my safety when I picket.

I will also admit, based on the content of his 'power mad' written ramblings, to being fearful of being alone anywhere with the apparently unstable Peter Ramsay.

Indeed, after the mad-dog, Charter Contemptuous display exhibited by Co$ staff, public and agents at the Picket of March 11, I confess I will even be afraid for my physical well being at the next Demo.

However, I resolve to pursue 'Gandhi Tech' while picketing.

I think I only have an average amount of courage. Heck, I still suffer from sickening bouts of 'stage fright'. But the 'show must go on' as must my use of my Charter Right of Free Speech.

The one thing I do have which Velcro Kitty, Rosalita and a long line of OSA mouthpieces have never had, is the courage to openly use my full name. OSA shills know they must snipe from the dark because they are in the wrong and therefore weak. Some critics post anonymously or by pseudonym out of genuine fear of the immoral an unethical retaliation tactics and policies of the Co$.

The very real retaliations, revenges and punishments the morally bankrupt Co$ has sought to heap upon those of us 'in the open' are justification for the privacy desired by many a critic.

OSA hides here. And Co$ storm troopers hide their names when they swarm me.

Say Velcro Kitty, Rosalita- Where is 'Hiding' on the tone scale?

The Guy You Love to Hate:

Gregg Hagglund SP5

Toronto Picket Reports now at:

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization: picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." - M.C.Pietra


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