[GLB-NEWS] Matt Shepard Funeral and AntiGay Group Demonstration

Unfortunatelyy, an anti-homosexual group from Topeka, Kan., plans to demonstrate at Matt's funeral. Rev. Fred Phelps of the Wesboro Baptist Church issured faxes Monday condemning the victim, Matt Shepard, for being gay. In a telephone interview, an agitated Phelps said he didn't care that his planned demonstration would upset those who attend Matt's funeral. The fax displayed examples of "preaching" signs the church say they plan to show at the demonstration, some of which read "God hates fags," "No tears for queers," and "Fag Matt in hell."

"What ought to make that family sad is the fact that they frittered away the opportunity to raise up a child in the nurturihg admonition of the Lord," said the 67-year-old misister, a well-known anti-gay activist in Kansas, where demonstrations outside funerals are outlawed." Of course, here in wonderful Wyoming we don't have such a law!

The whole article hasn't been posted on the Casper Star Tribune site http://www.trib.com/NEWS/ as of yet. I think they post the news articles a day after so they can sell papers. The main gay and lesbian site to get truthful up-to-date information is the United Gay and Lesbians of Wyoming at http://uglw.org/index.htm


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