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GO 11 - Where Are They Now?

Mary Sue Hubbard
Not only did the Commodore's wife spend a year in prison for her involvement in Snow White, but the luckless Mary Sue also wound up on the wrong side of a power struggle with current RTC head honcho David Miscavige, and found herself cast out of the inner circle after her husband's disappearance in the early eighties. Currently, she is reported to be living "a quiet life" in California, however it is one with lingering ties to the church she helped found. MSH is listed in Impact #53 as a "Patron" of IAS for her donation of $40,000.

Henning Heldt
After serving his sentence, Henning returned to civilian life, becoming the owner of Los Angeles-based marketing company Doehring, which employed many ex-Sea Orgers, including, until a few years ago, Guy White, Suzette Hubbard's husband. Henning was listed in Source #67 as completing New OTV; and is also a Patron ($40 K + donation) of the IAS.

Duke Snider
Snider's current status within the church is unclear. However, at last check, he was living in Clearwater in a condo located "a stone's throw" from the Sandcastle. Snider is listed in Source #91 as completing Flag Executive Briefing Course

Richard Weigand
A frequent contributor to the Theta News Exchange in 1995, Weigand was was at that time one of the key organizers of CoS efforts in Colombia, including extensive campaigns to have the tech adopted by the military, police and public schools. (Editor's comment - sounds a lot like a fulltime job to me.) Since then, he is reported to have returned to the United States, where he is a fulltime FSM.

Jane Kember
The Number Two GO official (after MSH) during the Snow White adventures, Kember was convicted of her involvement after a lengthy extradition battle. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but she was spotted in the mid-80s at Saint Hill, where she was being "handled".

Morris "Mo" Budlong
One of the chief GO planners, Budlong has found gainful employment in the computer book publishing world. He recently published a new edition of "Teach Yourself Cobol in 21 Days". His current association with the CoS is unknown.

GO 11 convicts still Missing In Action
Gregory Willardson, Sharon Thomas, Cindy Raymond, Mitchell Hermann, Gerald Bennett Wolfe AKA "Silver"

Also MIA - Michael Meisner
One-time GO action figure and handler of Gerald "Silver" Wolfe during the IRS escapades, being held captive by the CoS for several months evidently made a dent in this loyal officer's loyalty. Meisner turned state's evidence and testified against his former GO colleagues. Presumed to be out of the cult, current whereabouts unknown.

Unindicted Co-conspirators:

L. Ron Hubbard
After spending the first half of the eighties in the desert, hidden from all but his closest advisors, Hubbard "dropped the body" on January 24, 1986. His legacy liveth on.

Brian Andrus
The man who kidnapped Michael Meisner and kept him prisoner for several months, Andrus was apparently hired by Miscavige in 1983, and spent the rest of the 80s at Religious Technology Centre (RTC). Current location, alas, unknown.

Kendrick Moxon
A familiar face to many involved in litigation with the CoS, in 1995, Moxon represented Jason Scott during the notorious CAN civil trial. He was last seen on 60 Minutes segment defending CoS takeover of CAN. After Scott realized that he'd been used by the CoS and balked at the CAN takeover plan, Moxon attempted to have his former client declared incompetent, and asked the court to turn over conservatorship of Scott - an adult - to him. (Ed's comment - with lawyers like that, who needs enemies?) The incredible shrinking California Church of Scientology, put into receivership to avoid paying the Wollersheim judgement, was being run from Moxon's law office as of 1995. (Ed's comment - *Runnning the CSC*? Heck, that *really* sounds like staff to me.)

Arthur Maren
Arte lives in Van Nuys, California and is a regular on TNX. As of mid-95, he was, in his own words, "a professional speaker and consultant (over 20 years)". He also offered to assist Las Vegas-area scns "as their FSM", although it's not clear whether he actually *is* an official FSM. (Ed's comment: Wouldn' t that be considered a *staff* position?) Arte was also reported to have given a talk on "broad public dissemination of Scientology PR" in California some time in 1996.

Joe Lisa
Despite his unusual name, a.r.s research has turned up not one but *two* Joe Lisas, either of whom could be the former GO officer of that name. Joe Lisa candidate #1 hails from the great state of Nevada, where, as of February '97, he was the executive director of a local boxing club, as well as dabbling in event promotion. Unfortunately, Lisa's licence seems to have been suspended later that same year after he was accused of embezzlement. Joe Lisa candidate #2 lives in Mount Penn, Pennsylvania; no further information is available on his current career.

A search of the TNX archives turned up one interesting lead, the off-hand mention of a book entitled "The Assult on Health Care Freedom"(or something really close to that) by P.Joseph Lisa, described by one TNXer as "a very interesting expose of the attempt by the orthodox medical/psychestablishemt to wipe out any form of alternative treatment - particularly anything that dosen't involve drugs." Apparently, P. Joseph Lisa's next project was to be a book detailing the CIA mindcontrol experiments. It's not clear whether he is one of the other Joe Lisas.

Don Alverzo
According to sources, Don Alverzo may be also the GO operative formerly known as Jerry Levin, the notorious faux "nice guy" who took up with Operation Freakout target Paulette Cooper in order to spy on her for the CoS. Reports say that he is still in the cult, possibly living at Saint Hill, perhaps because the IRS has been looking for him since his bug-planting days in GO.

Bruce Ullman
Current whereabouts unknown; there is a Bruce Ullman in San Antonio, Texas who is listed as the contact person for people looking to network with disabled persons in Central and South America; noteable only with regards to the activities of "our" Ullman's former colleague Weigand in South America.

Carla Moxon
Ms. Moxon has spent the last few years keeping a low profile (at least, compared to hubby Kendrick). Carla was rumoured to be driving a bus for a Delphi School in Glendale, California in mid-96. (Ed's comment - A lawyer's wife, driving a school bus? Does this mean the Moxons are no longer together?)

Mary Heldt
Presumed to be living in LA with her husband, GO felon and PR man Henning, Heldt is also a Patron of the IAS. (Ed's comment - Doehring must have been pulling in some serious money if Henning and Mary were able to contribute such a sizeable chunk of cash to the warchest.)

Herbert Parkhouse
After his tumultuous career as a GO planner, Parkhouse resurfaced on the 1992 Declaration list. It's not clear why he was eventually declared, but he is apparently out of the CoS at the current time . Second-hand rumour had him running a taxi stand at Heathrow Airport in the 80s, but his current location is unknown.

David Gaiman
Declared sometime in the late eighties, Gaiman did steps a-e, and went back onlines as public at Flag and St. Hill. When last spotted, he was busy selling vitamins in Russia, which gave him the opportunity to provide a convenient PR front for the CoS efforts in eastern Europe. He and his wife run a shop in East Grinstead, where, in addition to vitamins, lucky scientologists can stock up on Guk.

Paul Klopper
Currently living in Santa Rosa, California, Klopper is involved with the medical majrijuana lobby in developing a mission statement. His name also appears as a potential deposee in a FACTnet briefing relating to the validity of the copyright transfer, although it is not clear why he is considered party to information on this matter.

George Pilat
Running, of all things, an ISP in Florida - Intnet, Inc (http://www.intnet.net), Pilat is also associated with CIBER Corporation, a private investigation firm specializing in "computer crimes". Pilat helps run CIBER's Private Eye mailing list. His company, IntNet, also came out with a spamblocker, and has been active in the fight against internet taxation. It also seems to support the EFF, which makes me wonder how George feels about scientology's adventures winning friends and influencing people on the net. Maybe if he reads this, he can tell us.

For more information on CIBER, go to http://www.pimall.com/cibir/cibir.html (Ed's comment - well, looks like all that Snow White experience came in handy for *one* ex-GO guy.)

MIA - Mary Rezonico, Jimmy Mulligan (possibly living in South Carolina), Peggy
Tyson, Martin Greenberg, Lynn McNeil, Bruce Raymond, Michael Taylor, Michael Baum (possibly living in Saint Petersburg), Herman Brendel (possibly living in Missouri), Charles Parselle (possibly living in Santa Monica, California)

Other ex-GOites still on staff
Dick Story, signatory on several GO orders, was head reg for PDU at Flag as of April 1995, also served as head of Way to Happiness Campaign. Carl Heldt was director of various scientology corporations as of October, 1995. Sheila Chaleff - Director of COSRECI (UK church) in 1990s, head of UK
Operation in 1993-94.
Miles Mellor - OSA Invest UK
Peter and Patricia Stumbke - OSA Invest Int.
Cathy Sproule - Director of Special Affairs AOSH UK, RPFed in 1993

(This list is made possible by the tireless efforts of many arsians, both public and lurking, including Ray Randolph, Son of Xenu, Deomorto, Joel Hanes, Tilman Hausherr, Ron Newman, Exile49 and all the anonymous, semi-nonymous or just plain shy folks who shall remain nameless, but still very much thanked.)


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