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Manganeses De Le Polvorosa, Spain -- Spanish villagers chanted, "We want the goat! We want the goat!" and a group of young people complied, tossing a goat from a church belfry Saturday onto a tarp nearly 50 feet below.

The black-and-white goat named Loreley landed, legs splayted, apparently unhurt. Onlookers cheered. Champagne flowed. And Loreley was carried away.

In a few seconds this village's annualk goat-tossing ceremony was over.

No one knows quite how the ritual started, or when. Some say it began with a priest who gave milk from his goat to the poor. One day the goat fell from the tower and was caught in a blanket by grateful villagers.

Some vow the ceremony had endured for centuries; others say it's been just a few generations.


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