Scientology Crime Syndicate

Scott Mayer
19 Sep 1999

Making God Swallow His Laughter


In the pages of a little-known interview with an anonymous person, who allegedly read the manuscripts of the legendary "Excalibur", by Lafayette Ron Hubbard, taken circa December, 1985, there are revealed some interesting thoughts, allegedly originated by L. Ron, which I believe are keys to understanding the true intentions of the person Scientologists throughout the world consider "Source" for the only technology of the mind they consider capable of freeing their immortal soul and uplifting them to the status of superior human beings with god-like spiritually generated powers.

These viewpoints bear no relationship whatsoever to the Dorian interviews, or the work on closed electronic biological circuits and the effects of the e-meter, other than to set forth a hypothesis as to why these things apparently occurred. As Hubbard, or Dorian through Hubbard, said in Logic 15. The introduction of an arbitrary into a problem or solution invites the further introduction of arbitraries into problems and solutions. I think that lies about the way things really are can be considered to be arbitraries. They can be something on the order of: Well, if there is really no god or creator, and the wondrousness of infinitely unfolding universes are merely the result of a chaotic cosmic fart. Then we can do or say anything we want, so long as we're smart enough to get away with it. So we justify lying, and then we need more and more lies to cover the first one and since the first snake potion killed a few people, inadvertently, of course, we add a few things to it to reduce the effects, etc., etc., etc, ad adbsurdum.

That Scientology claims that Mr. Hubbard was a brilliant man, and a prolific writer has never, to my knowledge been actively disputed. Whether he was a brilliant criminal, or humanitarian is what remains arguendo. As late as 1994, even a critic with the Washington Post, described him as brilliant. Although, many attack Mr. Hubbard's character with accusations that he was a psychotic con-man, such attempts to stereotype him, and literary critic's caustic remarks as to the quality of his ”science fiction" works, do little to disguise the fact that he was, indeed a brilliant person and prolific writer and came very close to buffaloing an entire world..

There is, however, little mention of what drove Hubbard to do the things he did, and to what end his greatest story ever, the creation of Dianetics and Scientology were intended. The following excerpts from the above-mentioned interview regarding the Excalibur Manuscripts, may indeed provide us with insight into the inner workings of a mind capable of creating so many volumes of literature regarding the salvation of souls and creation of super-beings on Planet Earth with, I might add, so little scientifically demonstrable results.


Excerpts from an interview of a person who purportedly actually read the entirety of L. Ron Hubbard's "EXCALIBUR", in 1984 recently came into my possession. The excerpts were so startling to me that I agreed to enter this contest because I felt that some new light could be shed about Mr. Hubbard's real intentions towards the human race, and serve to take some of the mystery out of what Hubbard's "Tech" was designed to accomplish In Actuality, as opposed to the Reality submitted by adherents to the cult.

The first excerpt that drew my attention was allegedly a quote by Mr. Hubbard: "FEAR--NO FEAR, TWO STATES, YOU ARE EITHER IN OR OUT". Interesting, especially in relation to the "Emotional Tone Scale" One might also wonder where the missing tone scale item "LOVE” would fall in relation to fear and no fear. Is love merely an aspect of "Serenity of Beingness?" Could one experience serenity of beingness without also engaging in the act of unconditional love? Points to ponder! Hold those thoughts as we explore such matters in relation to being in fear or out of fear. Could Diane tics and Scientology have been attempts by Hubbard to conquer fear? Serenity implies total peace with not only one's self, but with all that is, which, of course, would be the creator (or "true" source) of all-that-is. It would seem that "freedom from" implies an opposite polarity of "freedom to." Would that be freedom from fear? Accompanied therewith by "Serenity of Beingness and unconditional love, which would certainly be higher than conditional love on an arbitrary scale of awareness. Doesn't conditional imply an exchange? What need for an exchange, unless there is a fear of not receiving mutual consideration in the giving and receiving of Love? Wait a minute! isn't there an "Axiom" that relates to this? Let's see, No, its one of the original "Factors", Factor No. 29, from Scientology 08 "The book of basics. p. 24, on "Havingness". "In life experience, matter becomes havingness." "Observation" "To a thetan, ANYTHING is better than nothing." Later, this early axiom evolved into the Factors and Axioms of Scientology. We hear in the recording the late Yvonne Gillham produced for Ron Hubbard, the following:

"In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any thing is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect, any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all."

Yvonne, the actual founder of Scientology's "Celebrity Center" was one of the most loving, peaceful, gentle, spiritually aware, person I have ever known in my life. Her character alone, spoke volumes of what an enlightened mind was capable of manifesting in the form of unconditional love and compassion for the human race. Her instant acknowledgment of the beingness of the person approaching her with a communication seemed to me to be the epitome of what Hubbard was described in the matters covered in the basic communications course.

A person just knew that if they could duplicate Yvonne's manner in dealing with people that they would have mastered the art of communication. Strangely, I never experienced that feeling with Mr. Hubbard. My impression in both written and personal communication with him was that that all he was interested in was being acknowledged as "Source'" and worshipped by you. His personal communications never, ever left me with that warm, wondrous "feeling" inside that I experienced with Yvonne. That feeling that here was a being that truly loved all of mankind. I wonder if Hubbard really knew the value of Yvonne. It was impossible to stand in Yvonne's aura without knowing that if a person of this character could support the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, then you, despite any nagging questions, knew that you were indeed on the right track toward spiritual fulfillment.

So reader, If Affinity, obviously a component of "Love", is the most valued particle of all, implying action and activity exchanged by and between thetans, why is it strangely absent from the Emotional Tone Scale? Why is it not ever pursued in a discourse on components of "Serenity of Beingness, or discourses on the 2nd dynamic, or the importance of loving and the practice of unconditional love in Third Dynamic Groups, or as part of the Sixth Dynamic, Survival as a Spirit? Wouldn't it seem that if the MOST VALUED particle in the physical universe, being "Affinity" would be the part and parcel subject of the process of enlightening oneself from "Homo Novis" (ordinary man), to "Homo Superior" wouldn't one's education include not only the importance of loving, but the technical balance between superior ability and living an ethical life? Do we just not possess enough data at this point to explain the strange absence of these issues from "Standard Tech" as issued by "Source". How indeed, does fear and no fear relate to one's ability to love unconditionally?

Frankly, I'm a three time loser in the marriage department. I can tell you now, with utmost certainty, how not to have a marriage work. And I can tell you with total certainty that nothing I learned in Scientology ever taught me how to be a good husband and create a wonderful marriage. I place absolutely no blame on any of my three wives. Were they each as clear about life, livingness and loving as I was ignorant, they each in their own hearts know where I went wrong.

I, although mistakenly, believed that in listening to Mr. Hubbard's "greatest challenge" tape, that I could learn how to unconditionally love others, in spite of reasons not to. It never occurred to me that such knowledge would not be part and parcel of becoming an OT. That promise was never realized during my tenure in Scientology. What I have since learned has been through coming to an understanding of my personal relationship with the father/creator and the teachings of his son, Yashua, or Jesus, the Christ, as popular Christianity speaks of him (Which, of course, is as a subject, in itself, worthy of further analysis if one is to come to realistic terms with one's own spirituality.

We're it true that Hubbard's teaching's were able to resolve difficulties with unconditional love, I believe that not only would Yvonne Gillham be alive today, but the rift between David Miscavige's mother law and my personal friend, Flo Barnett, would not have resulted in her shooting herself five times in the chest with a shotgun on the eve of confessing crimes allegedly committed by David Miscavige and his minions to the authorities. What discipline she must have had to have been able to pull the trigger on a shotgun 5 times into her own chest, while obviously not flat on OT III. (Freedom from overwhelm).

Are we really so sure that Scientology processing is complete? If the road to clear and OT and OT VIII demonstrate results that lead to suicides by parishioners in not just a few, but in cases which exceed hundreds?

Where in Dianetic or Scientology processing has the concept of unconditional loving gone so far a-field as to bring the every day parishioner to accept the excuse that nothing within the boundaries of medical standards of care, were necessary obligations of the Church to carry out, because it was obviously the fault of the parishioner that they had pulled in life threatening illnesses and really wanted an "EOC" (End of Cycle) from responsibility to their current "meat bodies".

Can the reader even imagine what would occur in the medical fields practiced by mere "WOGS" should a doctor turn his back on a patient, shrug his shoulders and state: "its their own fault, they pulled it in, it's their Karma. Why should I waste my time trying to help someone who obviously is not responsible enough to get the proper auditing to take care of this?'

I just cannot see Sally Chaleff, another jewel of a person, who was allowed to die without treatment for her cancer, nor Phoebe Mauer, nor Christopher Penny, nor Ed Brewer or Lisa McPherson, any of these persons deliberately ending cycle by refusing medical treatment. It is obvious that those who could have intervened, didn't, because they were numbed by their beliefs in the efficacy of Scientology treatment, to the suffering of those who were obviously not in possession of the abilities promised by Ron Hubbard and his Gradation Chart.

Perhaps I venture too close, by contest rules to preaching against perceived immorality by Mr. Hubbard and his adherents, and should that be the case I admit my upset at a religion claiming to be a savior of mankind, demonstrating such callousness at the end of a lifetime of exceptionally loving people, under their care and responsibility.

The comments above, of course, must be stimulating many questions in your own minds regarding what you do or do not know about the subject of Scientology. Unfortunately, a subject such as the evaluation of the ethical efficacy of the tenants of the Church of Scientology cannot be summarized in a 10,000 word essay, much as I would like to be able to do so, and as much as it would be a wonderful tool for Mr. Minton in his efforts to bring truth to humanity in general. I sympathize, but, as enthusiastic as I am in pursuing the goal to bring enlightenment and a safe passage to the spiritual enlightenment and realm of spirituality and the realization that personal ethics springs forth from the recognition of the inseparability of ethics and true spirituality, we are engaged in at least a lifetime's work and I am unable to bring forth the miraculous answer to every thing in this simple writing.

For now, perhaps we should put the such immediate questions aside in our "bull pen" where LRH says you should put things that are not completely resolved, so that the file clerk can bring them up later, once there is sufficient data to make a further determination, in favor of examining additional data which may have a bearing on determining a solution to all the issues raised by this rhetoric.

In continuing on with our anonymous interviewee's observations. It is mentioned that in a 1938 letter to "SKIPPER," the following quote is attributed to L. Ron Hubbard.

"Foolishly perhaps, but determined none the less, I have high hopes of SMASHING MY NAME INTO HISTORY SO VIOLENTLY THAT IT WILL TAKE A LEGENDARY FORM EVEN IF ALL THE BOOKS ARE DESTROYED. ['My caps' -- emphasis (bold) added]. That goal is the real goal as far as I'm concerned. Things which stand too consistently in its way make me nervous. It's a pretty big job (Mission?). In a hundred years Roosevelt will have been forgotten - which gives some idea of the magnitude of the attempt."

Fascinating! "SMASHING MY NAME INTO HISTORY". As if smashing is not enough violence.

As I recall from one of LRH's early tapes, isn't violence a last resort? Much less,. . . "SO VIOLENTLY THAT IT WILL TAKE A LEGENDARY FORM EVEN IF ALL THE BOOKS ARE DESTROYED." Isn't such a statement the result of a fear that it is the only way that one can be right? Did Hubbard so fear that humanity would not recognize him and his brilliance that he would "violently" stamp such recognition into existence, even if all of his books were destroyed? To paraphrase, I believe Hubbard's own example of that type of thinking from an early tape I listened to in relation to mankind was: . . "stamped on every club, rock, knife, sword, bullet, bomb and rocket" throughout the agonizing history of the human race, was stamped the phrase "I'M RIGHT?".

Now, aside from the fact that somehow, the author has to come up with 10,000 words for this contest, it should be becoming obvious to the reader that the author is looking at some things that were never examined during the initial examination of the world according to Hubbard. So this is all extemporaneous in nature. The intent here is not, as required by contest rules, to lecture Scientologist, or ex-Scientologists for that matter. In fact, as I write this, I feel it is indeed impossible to effectively do so. What I am hoping, is that when Scientologist go into session, they will remember this discourse. What I am hoping is that my questions and analysis will encourage them to examine things not ordinarily touched on during the "rudiments" of a session. I'm hoping, deep down inside, that they will be willing to forego the electronic bliss of floating a needle by agreeing with pre-conceived session results and do some deep-seated agonizing as to their personal desire to control the environment that the rest of life will come to experience if they are allowed by a quirk of fate, or process of L. Ron Hubbard to control the destiny of others.

What I am finding most fascinating in writing this essay, is that after so many years away from the influence of Hubbard's "Church of Scientology", I am, in its writing, at last examining issues which were not fully thought through during my entire 10 years of subservience to the dictates of the Church, without any thought to the effects of personal gains sought for myself, in relation to the effects of such gains on the rest of humanity. In retrospect, my thanks to the creator that Mr. Hubbard seems to have been more interested in his place in history, than in being the purveyor of truth with regards to the creation of a new species of mankind. Were Hubbard's assumptions and technical truths indeed mankind's way. I know now in total certainty that I was certainly not responsible enough to have become "AT CAUSE OVER MATTER, ENGEGY, SPACE AND TIME. The rest of you should also be very relieved that neither myself or others like me succeeded in truthfully attesting to the end phenomena of any of the OT levels.

It is almost humorous that Arnaldo Lerma's statement that if there were any OT's, we wouldn't be here is totally spot on. Certainly anyone who disagreed with L. Ron Hubbard and his truths would not be here. They would most certainly have picked up the gun and performed R2-45 on themselves.

With regard to definitions of the state of OT (Operating Thetan) I want to quote to the reader passages, which have just come into my possession, which precede the great book and advertising campaign changes of the late 70's and the early 80's. My how things must change when one abandon's Hubbard's ideas of Fabianism in ships at sea, to come ashore and run your operations from a fixed land base upon which the lawyers can take shots at you.

I rarely speak of how my ex-wife, Rheva Bittleman and I managed to leave the Apollo just prior to its entry into Daytona Beach, Florida and the establishment of the Church of Scientology International in Clearwater Florida, and stay out on mission for some 18 plus months. I assure you, it was no accident, but carefully planned on my part. At the time, I was LRH's personal estates manager, and but for the slip up of a GO Finance staff member, I would probably have become embroiled with the Miscavige/Starkey takeover operation of the Church of Scientology and the Hubbard estates. This certain staff member was so filled with his importance as a GO Finance staff member, that during our dry-dock refurbishing of the Apollo in Curacao, he couldn't resist showing off his current project. It was a room below decks, which even I as Ron's personal estates manager, knew about. It was a massive invoice changing project preceding the arrival of the sea org on shore. Mary Sue Hubbard was weary of life at sea and had used the guardian's office to scuttle the Sea Orgs fleet of ships financially. I was the last probably the first and last fleet captain leaving Rigg's Eckleberry to scuttle the Excalibur as the last U.S. Ship in the Sea Org. There was a problem, however, in bringing the Apollo into Daytona, Florida, financial records, formerly unavailable to the United States Internal Revenue Service, could now be easily seized for them by U.S. Customs officials upon entry into United States coastal waters. Whoops!

Therefore, every document from anywhere which could possibly show enurement of funds from any of the Churches of Scientology, through Operations Transport Corp. or Operations Transport Services, Ltd. of Panama, to L. Ron Hubbard or his family. Had to be either destroyed or altered. To you old timer Sea Org members, you will remember that it was not until sometime after 1972 that the Guardians Office forced all Sea Org members to sign contracts with the Church of Scientology organization that they were currently posted at. Prior to that, all Sea Org Members were actually employees of either or both Operations Transport Corp., Ltd. or Operations Transport Services, Ltd.. Panamanian Corporations and personal offshore holding companies of L. Ron Hubbard. Remember the Flag Order by "Commodore Hubbard": which was a part of every Sea Org Members "Basic Hat". Stories Told (emphasis added)? According to this story, the acceptable truth told all people putting forth queries of the business of the Sea Org Ships, was that we were an international consulting business, traveling the world over and servicing the needs of our various clientele. The story, of course was only true to the extent that our clients were the various Churches and Missions of Dianetics and Scientology. The truth was that Ron Hubbard laundered the monies gathered by Scientology International and H.A.S.I. ("Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International") through Operation Transport Corp. and/or Operation Transport Services to that it would not appear as though he was personally profiting from the activities of the Religion of Scientology.

When Mary Sue scuttled the Sea Org's control of Scientology by the "Commodore" through the use of Operations Transport Corp. She also shot the hell out of Stories Told, and create an enormous problem in keeping the IRS from finding out about enurement of funds to Hubbard and his family from the income of the various Churches of Scientology around the world.

So, there I am, personally responsible for everything that's going on aboard the Apollo, just married, and I find out that the largest single fraud against the IRS in history is underway aboard ship without any prior knowledge on my part.

As will be discussed in further detail below, I was already aware from my short time aboard, that Flag itself was not the Great White Canoe in the sky that it was promoted to be. Compared to my Flagship, the Excalibur, it was a veritable garbage scow when I arrived at Flag to assist then Director of Maritime Operations, Commander Robert F. Young, in getting the Apollo cleaned up, ship-shape (and unknown to me, ready for sale on arrival in the U.S.). It was soon obvious to me that Commodore Hubbard was not the superman the rest of the world thought he was viz-a-vie his public relations departments around the globe.

As I dined with my new wife Rheva aboard my personal sailboat on the evening of my discovery of the invoice changing project, I knew I had to get us off that ship, or it was quite possible that my wife and I would be honeymooning in jail as a result of an IRS raid on the ship when it hit U.S. Waters.

I knew that Scientology and the Sea Organization would never be the same again once the Flag Land base was opened.

It dawned on me that both my wife and I had a proven track record as successful Sea Org Missionaries for Mr. Hubbard. I took advantage of my wife's desire to see her parents, who were pestering us to take a vacation and visit them in Miami, and suggested that we go see Kerry Gleason, who was then in charge of International Sea Org Operations and see if there wasn't trouble with income somewhere in the world which would be serious enough to get him to use LRH Mission needs to get us pulled off post and fired out to anywhere in the world but our jobs aboard the Apollo. Rheva was excited at both the opportunity to combine a mission with a trip to see her parents after we completed the mission and were successfully debriefed and had earned some time off and she cooperated with me in handling Kerry.

Our Guardian Angeles were apparently with us, as Kerry had troubles aplenty with gross income statistics and was short of experienced staff to fire off on mission. We were off the ship in less than 48 hours. Except for trips back to Clearwater, Florida, the new Flag Land Base, every few months for de-briefing and re-briefing, we stayed out on mission as a husband and wife team for over 18 months, with Power income raising statistics. Ron and the Sea Org were of course very happy with our work because we made lots of money, which the land base needed to buy up the City of Clearwater and take over the community. We were awarded time off after every mission to go to Miami and see Rheva's mom and dad. It was those very missions, which gave me the opportunity to see where your fees were really spent and realize the enormity of the Scientology criminal enterprise. The trip we made to South Africa was my last mission for the Commodore before leaving the Sea Org on a personal leave of absence.

I relayed the above, because it was the shift to land, which was actually responsible for the change in all of the Scientology promotional materials, and in particular, changes to the original gradation chart. which we will cover thoroughly in this essay, but here I want to point out that the changes drastically altered what the Church sold to new parishioners without disturbing the old "hidden data line as to what OT's could and couldn't do. Lawyers couldn't get us at sea if Scientology wasn't producing the results it said it could. But NOW, on land, they could subpoena us as we walked off the base.

While we will cover the other changes in the OT Levels and the gradation chart more fully later, the biggie, OT VIII, is the definition I want to give you here.

Now-a-days, of course, with the emphasis on protection of "trade secrets" and copyrighted "sacred materials", Scientology just tells you on its gradation chart that your abilities gained will be those attained in completing the materials of

OT VIII. HOGWASH!!!. Here are the end phenomena sold out of the textbooks in 1975 and earlier:


Think about it, ability to be at cause knowingly, and at will. . . It is my hope that in analyzing the data found herein, with respect to this definition and other data which has recently come into my possession, we can, together assist mankind in discovering the weaknesses in our own character, which, in the past have drawn us all towards Hubbard's "truths, and others like him.

I can recall, in reaching towards Scientology a very strong desire to be able to love unconditionally always, which, again, seems to go hand-in-hand with the concept of "Serenity of Beingness". In that same light, doesn't serenity of beingness imply or pre-suppose a relationship with the creator of all-that-is that is almost a partnership, or joint venture. I mean to say, doesn't it strike you that if you operated in a state in which you experienced the "End Phenomena" of: "Freedom from Overwhelm" (OT III), or "Total Cause Over Matter, Energy, Space and Time" (OT VIII) as a natural state of beingness, that you would have demonstrated that you were responsible enough to be trusted with such powers. Clichés aside, "My God" where else would you acquire those powers?

Let's examine these concepts a bit more carefully than usual, for it seems to me that when we look at the "dictionary" definition of overwhelm, and the term "Total Cause" over the physical universe, concepts with regard to ethics, responsibility to all life forms, sentient or otherwise (assuming that anyone can agree on a usable definition of sentient), and how those life forms "survive" in the face of beings capable of eradicating such forms of life with a single thought. I fail to see how a responsible "GOD", or creator "could bring into being the myriad complex forms of existence and take the chance on some human jerk, wiping out all such endeavors with a single thought. I spent some 10 years as a high level executive in Scientology, and NEVER came across such a being with either such abilities or responsibility level, including the founder himself.

I ask the reader to recall a basic "atheistic" claim, when paraphrased, goes like: If there were a "god" he would never permit the things that mankind perpetrates on himself and other life forms in just this universe.

Yet originally L Ron Hubbard, and now his followers, would have us believe that he, many levels above the need for physical form, remains "Source" of the highest truths known to mankind on the physical plane. Wouldn't you say that if this were indeed true, then regardless of physical body or not, he too, would have to bear such responsibility for the "...."-ups of himself and his followers? How, indeed, could he have departed the "physical plane", berating David Miscavige for having betrayed him and the Church. Does this sound like the dialogue of a master of matter, energy, space and time?

It seems that much of the other research I have done over the last twenty-some years points to the fact that not only "Source", but the entire Church have been demonstrating behavior which is akin to those un-flat on Hubbard's Level 4 of the Gradation Chart. Un-flat "Service Facsimiles, defined herein for the benefit of the uninitiated as: mental machinery which us used by a being to "make others wrong, in order to be right!" It was my understanding from Ron's policies and bulletins that only 20% of mankind was truly suppressive. Of course the number of jerks observable in the behavior of normal human beings would seem to indicate that possibly the influence of that 20% of human SP's caused behavior which is depressing to most people, and possibly if Scientology were able to eradicate the 2.5% of homosexuals Hubbard called for in his efforts to cleanse the planet, the job would be easier and of course, justified by their interference with the goals and purposes of Scientology, but to state that everyone who is not a Scientologist is an enemy, seems to indicate that everyone who does not convert to Scientology right now is an enemy, what does that say for the efficacy of the processing? Isn't it supposed to be axiomatic? That is, self-evidently true? I'm sorry, but such thought seems to me to be saying that there are only a select few that are not degraded to the point that they can grasp Hubbard's vision, and that the rest are degraded beings, lost souls, unworthy of existence outside the goals of Scientology, and therefore doomed to destruction for the good of those who have converted to Scientology, i.e. the "Greatest Good" for the greatest number of "Scientology's' dynamics.

Quite frankly, for a being who is 30-some levels above OT VIII (Again, per the original Gradation Chart: "Total Cause Over Matter, Energy, Space and Time") there seems to be some unresolved problem in his monitoring of the behavior of the Church of Scientology executive structure towards no only life-long members, but in relation to crimes consistently perpetrated against those who disagree with Church ecclesiastical practices.

I find it greatly disturbing, that the current executive structure, including but not limited to, David Miscavige, Michael Rinder, Norman Starkey (whom for his length of tenure in the Sea Organization should have been OT XXX5 by now), find it necessary to resort to VIOLENCE, FRAUD, DECIET, and abuse of the United States Judicial System in order to bring peace, tranquility, and salvation of the souls of the human race of this planet. Doesn't it seem strange to anyone that OT VIII's and whatever could possibly exist above, would have the need to live by a Credo of "Never Fear to Hurt Another in a Just Cause". I mean, surely David Miscavige must be at least an OT VIII in order to be qualified to have absolute command over every executive, staff member, and parishioner in any organization having anything to do with the Church of Scientology. Really! What could all of us supposedly un-united WOGS of the planet do against the intentions of "millions" of tried and true Scientologists around the planet, united under several thousand OT VIII's, hundreds of true OT VII's, even more thousands of OT III's. It just doesn't make sense when one listens to the rhetoric.

As the greatest source in the history of mankind, would L. Ron Hubbard, relinquished his peacetime post of "Commodore" to any being who wasn't at least "Just below" himself on the Know to Mystery Scale. After all, in the Organizational Executive Course and Flag Executive Briefing Course didn't Ron specifically state the importance of tone scale position in hiring? Isn't it true that he said that it was important that recruiters and personnel directors be very highly trained and up the bridge (paraphrase) because no personnel director or recruiter would ever hire anyone higher on the Tone Scale than him or herself????

How could the current Supreme Commander of the Sea Organization David Miscavige, and the entirety of Scientology, be an asthmatic, forced to live in a desert environment, and yet be in possession of the ability to be in TOTAL CONTROL OVER MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME.

Now I have spent quite some time around and about Michael P. Pattinson, and while I am quite disinterested in his current sexual persuasion, he has obviously not been cured of his "ruin" while an attested OT III, and is obviously not "Free from Overwhelm" as can be witnessed in his depression over losing his court hearings against the "Church", and, additionally, he is obviously not an OT VIII, even though for years he was billed as Scientology's highest trained and processed ambassador to the world. Nor, is there any evidence whatsoever, in terms of the original Gradation Charts "Abilities Gained" Section and "End Phenomena" Sections, that anyone in any universe has been produced by such levels of Scientology Technical Processing. In fact, current NOTS "confidential materials" are in direct contradiction with LRH "Philadelphia Doctorate Course" materials, which to my knowledge have never been revised by LRH or anyone else. In one of the PHD tapes, LRH specifically states that OT's are not audited to the state of OT (Because of course, there is no reactive mind to audit), but they are "Trained" to the state of OT. This would, of course, pre-suppose that the basic mind given us by the true source of mankind, which not even LRH has claimed to have created as "Source", despite Gods screw-up in not realizing he had also created a "reactive" mind, (caught, thank "God" by Hubbard's brilliance) is capable, after clearing, of being "Trained" to the state of "Operating Thetan", including but not limited to, "Freedom from Overwhelm", "Intentional Alteration of the "MEST" universe (OT VII) and, while levels below what Scientology can really produce, "TOTAL CONTROL OVER MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME".

Naturally, we would have to forgive the "WOGS" (Worthy Oriental Gentlemen, or Meat Bodies to the initiates) because they know not what they do and god has accepted no responsibility for their actions. Excuse me, but what I don't follow here is how God or the creator of all that is, or Yahweh, or any of dozens of names for the creator, could pass on the knowledge of the secrets of the universe and the technology of dispensing them to humankind through L. Ron Hubbard, without L. Ron Hubbard accepting some sort of responsibility for the effects that he is creating on the rest of life.

Regardless of this contest I would seriously like to hear from the readers with regard to the points covered above. No one has ever done even a partial analysis of the "Q's", the logics, the Dianetic axioms, the Scientology axioms in relation to the definitions contained within the Scientology Dictionary of terms, and especially, in light of the original gradation chart, copies of which seem to be extremely difficult to locate. I would be happy to respond to reader's comments and suggestions and even to embark on further analysis of the above-referenced subjects. Contact can be made through Citizens Against Corruption, 6045 26th Road North, Arlington, Virginia 22207 (703) 241-1498, or by e-mail to alerma@dgs.dgsys.com or retiredcap@hotmail.com.

Let's now put aside the concepts set forth above and delve a little deeper into the anonymous interviewee's coverage of the Excalibur Manuscripts, with an eye to bridging the materials together in a new perspective of the true intentions of L. Ron Hubbard and his Church of Scientology.

What exactly, was the Excalibur manuscript(s) about? Our interviewee states that essentially the theme is to "Survive". The manuscript describes how every aspect of live can be traced back to survival. For example:

Cells = survival. Family = survival Groups = survival,

Etc., Etc. Since the manuscript was written circa 1938, it appears that Survival was the precursor for the origin of the eight dynamics.

It now seems, however, that the development of the eight dynamics were based more on an escape from not only the fear of being unable to survive in a universe created by a fickle "God", but in an effort to personally prove that such a god, had screwed up and was in need of being informed that he had indeed, with the creation of Mankind's physical universe, and that Hubbard was just the sort of person to call it to his attention.

What is the basis for the above commentary? Consider seriously the following allegations of our anonymous interviewee allegedly quoting Mr. Hubbard.

"it's a big joke, this living. God was feeling sardonic the day he create the universe. So its rather up to at least one man ever few centuries to pop up and come just as close TO MAKING HIM SWALLLOW HIS LAUGHTER AS POSSIBLE."

Followed thereafter, by what is seemingly an out of sequence comment:


From the standpoint of the punctuation alone, it would seem to be something that LRH would say.

What concerns me the most, however, is the implication that the creation of the universe flew in the face of Hubbard's personal opinion as to the way things should have been; and, that it was his job to make the creator wrong, without any indication of what, indeed, was in Hubbard's opinion, actually wrong. In fact so wrong, in fact, that humanity itself needed to give the creator a poke in the right place to get him into the right mindset. That mindset, I suspect, would probably mimic the argument between God and Lucifer, which according to most humankind lore, resulted in the situation in which we find ourselves today. A world run by evil, incompetent to serve the needs of a free mankind, an in need of a modern day Messiah, to save it, as if Yashua was insufficient, to miraculously undo god's mistakes and glow things right.

If Scientology is here to save you, hat, I ask, is it here to save you from? If the creator of all that is has been mistaken in his creative endeavors, and his actions somehow failed to give mankind the very real freedom of choosing between right and wrong, good and evil, love or hate, as his means of leading us back to supporting a personal lifestyle that brings a joy to living, regardless of perceived obstacles towards known goals, then what alternative does Hubbard and his Church of Scientology offer us? My tenure in Scientology never demonstrated that Hubbard's perceptions gave us any more perceived or unperceived happiness than those suggested by Buddha, Mohammed, Richard Bach, or Jesus, the Christ, or any other prophet down through the ages. Am I just mis-perceiving things, or is all of the suffering that has occurred through the ages not been the result of mankind itself refusing to live the lifestyles taught by such personages, regardless of their deified personalities?

Are not the Ten Commandments ten ways in which to live a better life, does anyone who possesses anything but a criminally oriented mind seriously believe that they are only the Ten Suggestions! ! ! ???? Do Buddha's rules for right living suggest that they are only correct until you feel the need to screw someone out of something that you covet for yourself, because you are too lazy to exercise the discipline necessary to acquire that thing for yourself.

What rules for happy living has Hubbard's Scientology philosophy laid out that are in any way more workable than exercising all of the rules for happy living that have been handed down throughout the ages.

A Japanese girl I know, who is a very intelligent, competent and loving individual (and potential woman's nine-ball pool champ) and I were discussing the subject of ethics and billiards one day. She asked me why I insist on calling all of my shots, rather than just the pocket the object ball is to fall in. I told her that it was because I wanted no doubt about whether it was me or "luck" or "chance" or the "fates" that caused the ball to go where I indicated. I told her that I loved pool because it allowed me the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the abilities my creator had given me. I told her that I did not consider any form of cheating at pool to be beneficial to me and my personal relationship with the creator. She acknowledged my reasoning, but then said: "I don't understand you Westerners. Why is it that you have to be religious and believe in a god to be ethical"? To paraphrase, she said that it seemed that in America, if you are not religious, you are not considered to be an ethical person. She said that in Japan, ethics are part and parcel of one's educational courses while growing up.

Her statements stopped me short and I commented that it was quite something for a person to see the benefits of being ethical without having any personal communion with one's creator. It had never occurred to me that this was possible. In fact, I had never thought about it at all.

Could that be what is wrong with American society? Being brought up to be ethical as a result of fear of reprisals from one's God? Didn't Yashua preach the gospel (God's Truth) to teach us right living, and that such living would bring us closer to our creator. Imagine your children growing up being able to personal discern rightness from wrongness without need of fear of punishment from any particular type of god or gods if they somehow did not meet the often arbitrary and confusing requirements of denominational sects. I had no idea that Japanese children were brought up that way. It also explains why in 1972, as then Executive Director of the first Japanese Org, I had to make the unilateral decision to close down that first mission into Japan. We were simply unprepared to integrate Scientology principles into a culture we were totally ignorant of. Years later, in 1984 surveys conducted by Scientology still agonized over whether to drop the religious curtain veiling Scientology operations to be conducted in Japan and instead concentrate on the business techniques and philosophical approach.

Tying ethics into the subject of in fear or out of fear makes for a fascinating investigation. Didn't Hubbard use fear of ethics handling to drive adherents into total compliance with his edicts? Are not those same tactics used today to accomplish similar thought control?

Personally, I worked for 10 years on Scientology's behalf. During that time I broke a number of laws, lied for Scientology, offered to kill for it, withheld knowledge from lawful governmental agencies that Scientology was not in compliance with rules and regulations binding on all other citizens, caused parishioners to be blackmailed into compliance with the dictates of Hubbard's Guardian's office, in order to increase the gross income of Scientology organizations around the world, smuggled incredibly large sums of money(in excess of $500,000 per week out of the City of Los Angeles, California alone) to countries of convenience, witnessed gross fraud against the Internal Revenue Service of the United States, and suffered the loss of loved ones, eliminated by the needs of the Church in accomplishing its goals to take over of world governments in order to save us from ourselves, etc., etc., ad absurum.

I realize now that during that entire time period I was operating out of a fear that:

a. If I didn't make things go right for Hubbard, world governments might collapse before I could become clear and reach the coveted OT Levels.

b. As a senior executive I would bear a huge percentage of contributory negligence for the failure of our mission to save the planet and all of its souls. and;

c. I would never be forgiven by the creator for all of my childhood and early adulthood sins and thus be consumed by the wall of fire, whatever form of hell that was? (Remember, the OT Levels were not at that time available on the Internet, so none of us knew that they were amalgamated science fiction stories garnered from thousands of years of religious myths.)

The above considerations alone readily demonstrate the extent to which a person can be controlled through fear to work endlessly to accomplish an end that will keep the person from an agonizing freefall through the rest of eternity. But how one then asks does this relate to Hubbard's flight from fear? Just what do we know so far from the data observed herein?

Well first of all we can decipher that Hubbard held God and life in apparent contempt.

Why else would people like him be deemed necessary to come along every hundred years or so and make God swallow his own joke. If indeed, Hubbard believed that God was a screw up, that would explain his proven close association with the late Satanist, Alexander Crowley, who like Hubbard was apparently denied immortality on earth by one of the two primary forces God, or his alter ego, the Devil. Did Hubbard believe that evil was more powerful than good? If not, why would one practice Witchcraft and Satanism? I would also point out that isn't the practice of satanic ritual a form of Propitiation? Kind of low on the emotional tone scale isn't it? Crowley, aptly titled "the Beast", expounded "Do what though whilst! Thus, inferring mankind as separate and above any universal morality or spiritual ethic. If we scan closer can't we see under the veil of so-called justice, the gleam of something evil peeking through the phrase "Never Fear to Hurt Another in a Just Cause [emphasis added] whose cause? A being who believes "Do what though Whilst!" to be the only immutable law of universes.

And what need for such power as the states of OT described to be possessed on earth by mere humankind. Was Hubbard in truth at war with the Gods. Did he come to loath not only God, but Satan as well, as the most adored being in the universe (. . ."but the most valued particle of all is admiration") and in his fear that his greatness would go unrecognized by anyone, seek the power to unseat both deities?

I wonder, were Hubbard to have in fact uncovered secrets of the universe(s) which would place him on a combat level with the gods, why indeed would he need the rest of the human race as an army against the forces of evil afoot in the universe. If the concepts of good and evil are actually polarities of an arguable supreme beingness, what the hell difference would the rest of us make to forces of that magnitude.

One would think that were the OT Levels anywhere near those advertised in the original gradation chart (Yes we will examine that issue), there would be major preparation of an initiate prior to the granting of such super-human powers. For what if his minions, like Hubbard himself, turned against even the supreme arrogance of Lucifer.? Its almost as if Hubbard had assumed the role of cosmic fence. Hey buddy, I've got a way to sell that bridge over there in Brooklyn. You steal it for me and when I sell it, I'll give you more money than you could ever work for in your life.

It just boggles the mind that someone with such acclaimed spiritual power wouldn't just call in his generals, tell them flat out that he had other things to do, that Right Hand was in charge, and that the left hand better support him or he would come back and make them both wish they had learned to get along with each other. Then stand up, step out of his body, like old clothes left on the seashore and walk off into infinity. Instead, "Source" whined that David Miscavige had betrayed him and the rest of Scientology and stolen his power, not to mention that filthy lucre stuff (uggh!!, money).

For god's sake, the last time I talked to Hubbard was in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles in 1974, on the quarterdeck of the Apollo, he was shaking so bad it looked like he was going to have an epileptic seizure, his speech was slurred and practically unintelligible. I know he was trying to tell me something about the clouds and the day's photo-shoot, but he just couldn't manage to get it out. He was just recovering from having a golf-ball sized cyst removed from the middle of his forehead, which he hid from everyone with his hats. Kima Douglas told me later that she and Mary Sue forced him to get rid of it. Have you ever read Andre Tabayoyan's Deflation in the Church of Scientology v. Fisham/Geertz case? I mean I knew the old man was bad off, but Andre was his butler, and between what he and Kima say about Ron's medication, he was practically popping pills like M & M's every day. I just can't imagine what he must have been like six years later. I imagine pathetic, for the founder of the greatest techniques in the entire agonizing history of mankind for physical and spiritual well being, the Sciences of Dianetics and Scientology! Yet to this day Miscavige and his boys maintain that they're cranking out OT's just like Ron wanted them to, and continue to be sued by people like Michael P. Pattinson, who paid them some $500,000 over the course of a quarter of a century because he just wanted to stop doing men. Miscavige, knowing full well that Michael was un-flat on OT III, still gay, and obviously a false attest on every OT Level above that, through and including OT VIII and NOTS 34 (Which I laughingly refer to as Not OT I through 34), and fraudulently billed Michael to staff, parishioners and the general public as the highest trained and processed Scientologist on the planet.

Puleeze! Don't you have to start taking this OT stuff with a saltshaker and lots of water?


I think we are at the point where the "Original" Gradation Chart becomes pertinent to a look at the development of Dianetics and Scientology through the eyes of a man I personally believe was driven by fears for not only his personal survival, but also the survival of his image in the eyes of the rest of mankind to come.

While the "original" definition of OT VIII was given earlier in order that you come to see that Scientology and its vast number of processes to handle every problem in getting non-suppressive and PTS (Potential Trouble Source) persons up the bridge, in all likelihood has never produced a being capable of demonstrating the abilities gained and end phenomena set forth above in the Clear and OT levels, and even more likely, since recent data from the possibly fictional character "Dorian, with regard to the effects of auditing procedures, and recent discoveries with regard to the phenomena manifested by submission of induced electronic current through a persons body and its closed electrical biological circuits suggests that the states of clear and above are merely states induced by both auditing techniques and the brainwashing and mind control influences induced by excessive current flow through the body by use of the e-meter. . Research, as described by papers written by Arnaldo Lerma, suggest that clearing of subjective whole-track difficulties experienced by a person undergoing Dianetics and Scientology processing are induced by the very processing the person is doing to rid himself of problems, in order to attain the end phenomena which Scientology apparently falsely proclaimed possible under the "abilities gained" and "end phenomena sections of the Gradation Chart itself. When Scientology exposed itself to the law by coming ashore, in the mid-seventies, it wasted little time in eradicating the old gradation chart, yet it never instructed it staff and parishioners that the old gradation chart was misrepresentative and allowed old-timers to maintain the supposition that the levels promoted by the old gradation chart were in fact true and new initiates could expect too, to attain such states of spiritual enhancement and personal power.,

The original definitions of OT Levels 1 through VII are stated below first, because it is important to note that after the relatively inexpensive states of Level O through Clear have been attained, the being is allegedly at a state which has previously been unattained by mankind, and apparently, deliberately withheld from mankind due to a screw up by god himself in the design of human beings, I mean really, who else could you blame? More on this percept at the end.

OT I: Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe.

OT II : Ability to confront the whole track (Whose whole track and Which Whole Track apparently deliberately omitted)

OT III: Return of full self determination; freedom from overwhelm (Said to handle the problems of homosexuality).

OT IV: Certainty of self as a being

OT V: Refamiliarizes a thetan exterior with the physical universe (Freedom from introversion into MEST (matter, energy, space & time).

OT VI: Ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior (In what universe apparently deliberately omitted); and to act pan-determinately extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others. (Mind Control at a distance?)

OT VII: Rehabilitation of intention, ability to project intention (Lots of unanswered questions on this one).

WOW!! Has anyone ever seen anyone who could do these things, I mean really, Hubbard himself, supposedly thirty-some levels of OT above these abilities never demonstrated anything close to such abilities. Why the old gradation chart and the abilities gained up to the state of clear alone could be the subject of another 10,000 word essay.

Following, are some comments with regard to my perception as to they way that potential new members of the Church are induced to continue up through the levels before the final hook and reel-n are accomplished on the allegedly upper levels and the parishioner says a final farewell to his hard earned life-time savings.

In Scientology, programming begins with the introduction of ARC, or affinity, reality and communications. catchy words. They are, in my opinion the first cast of the fly rod to the fish in the sea of potential new Scientologists.

Hubbard uses the affinity he is able to generate through his almost hypnotic story telling, viz-a viz his taped lectures and communications courses to get people into agreement with trying out Scientology courses and auditing. The communications course is the first step in creating a psychological addition to Scientology programming.

There is a difference between “Reality” and “Actuality”. Actuality is what is. If, as Hubbard claims, reality is agreement, then as a former student of Black Magic, reality becomes whatever he can convince people it is. Once they have gone for the con, they simply do not see anything outside the agreed upon parameters of the con. So the con becomes totally real to the mark, but quite probably has no relationship to the actuality of the rest of life. Separation, divide and conquer. Ring a bell????

It is no accident that defining words is stressed so highly in Scientology. The Scientology Dictionary as an example (in which yours truly may be seen pictured within the definition of “Third Dynamic”), of the creation of a language which once learned, defines the reality of the reader and practitioner, the world according to Hubbard. The beauty of the con (from Hubbard and his heirs viewpoint) is that once you have agreed to maintain the purity of the tech, you must also continuously open your wallet and shell out to obtain the benefits of the “Tech”.


The con, of course, begins with the concept of a “Bridge” itself. One has to first create the need to go over one, and this is accomplished by the "Dissemination Drill" A "ruin" is found on the mark. The ruin can be anything at all, anything that the individual is willing to agree has been ruining his life in some fashion. Once he agrees that that something is ruining his life, it is but a simple task to indicate to him that Scientology can handle that and is hear to save him from his ruination. There is no denial that Hubbard was indeed a brilliant individual, his character, however, left all of us something to be desired, and his intelligence was distorted by criminally distorted intentions to violently leave his mark upon the world and his willingness to harm others in his just cause.

I'm convinced that as a student of the late PT Barnum, he was consciously aware that he couldn’t just begin with ripping people off for their money. That would, of course, spoil any further opportunity to hit them up again.

Now in light of the recent "Dorian" interviews, Hubbard may have indeed been duped into creating Scientology by Dorian and his cohorts, but whether this is just Dorian's own attempt at literary immortality or Hubbard was part of the gang seems redundant in view of the great harm such activities have done to those engaged in a serious attempt to live a more spiritual existence.

What better way to keep the marks coming back than to hint that his “Bridge” would restore the abilities lost by the human race as a result of the activities of a long-dead federation of planets. How brilliant to dangle the carrot in front of the rabbit, with the rabbit constantly pushing the carrot away from itself, through its agreement with Hubbard’s reality and a corresponding mis-understanding of actuality?

The first three levels of the “Bridge” actually create a self-imposed ARC with Scientology. The levels are designed to create affinity through agreement and communication. There is absolutely no doubt that the Communication Course increases a person’s ability to communicate. As a Sea Organization Missionaire, I always made a ton of money for Hubbard by running a really tough communications course. People would come away from those courses feeling as though they were on top of the world. Their ability to communicate was greatly enhanced. However, what they didn’t realize was that their ability to communicate with Scientologists was what was enhanced. They came out of that course with dozens, hundreds, and perhaps even thousands of new potential new “terminals” to communicate with if the continued their involvement with Scientology and proceeded up its "Bridge". Huge meetings, called “Congresses”, were held for the express purpose of brining these new converts together in a "carnival" atmosphere in order to cement the new reality promised those traveling up the bridge of Scientology.

Conversely, initiates were being very subliminally led to drop communications attempts with that not associated with Scientology. Actuality was subliminally replaced by the reality of Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom”.


Making others wrong in order to be right! This level stuck you right in the middle of your real or imagined past life guilt. Of course you had to be guilty of something, or you couldn’t possibly have degenerated as a spirit to the lowly level of being stuck in a mere meat body. Guilt, as a programming tool, works. There’s not a mother on this planet that doesn’t instinctively know that. Of course it doesn’t work until a person has bonded with another through, guess what? Affinity, reality and communications. It is the fear of loss of those things that allows guilt to be effectively used in controlling the mindset of another human being.

Hubbard apparently never actually completed Level Four himself. I believe it is safe to assume this is so, as his organizations to this day continuously make others wrong in order to create the appearance of Scientology being right. If this behavior originated from “Source”, then “Source couldn’t have been flat on level four. You should be getting the hint as to where the rest of the “Bridge is going. I sincerely hope to cover more of such territory in subsequent writings.

This is straight from the hip to all of you former staff and parishioners. If the OT levels were really genuine and attainable. Why would L. Ron Hubbard have used a barely audited, quickie grade, level five person such as myself, Fleet Captain material or not on over twenty missions to create massive amounts of income for Scientology and the Sea Org. Surely were OT's real, there would have been one or two out of millions of Scientology adherents Scientology had helped out of ruin, that could have done the job better, faster, and with lasting results. That Hubbard and his OT Flag aides had to use a non-clear and an admitted un-flat OTIII husband and wife team is a direct conflict with the stated accomplishments of Dianetic and Scientology processing.

Given the above information and the real definition of states of clear and OT, it is important that you ask the question that if there really were thousands of persons clear and above, who possessed such abilities? Do you really think that Scientology would have to spend millions and millions of dollars of your hard earned money annually, defending themselves from legal actions by people who are really pissed off that they either didn't get their ruin handled, or got nowhere near the abilities gained that the old hidden data line still projects by virtue of all of the old-timers continuing to falsely attest to the attainment of the OT levels. Wouldn't it be more likely that if such levels were attainable that the fees for such services would be spent making Scientology more readily affordable for the masses. How do you clear a planet and save its souls by making the means to do it beyond the means of 80% of the planets inhabitants. Perhaps you put them to work for you in exchange for services.

Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) you know, the non-theta stuff, non-spiritual? The stuff that all you thetans are supposed to be outside? I cannot believe people miss doing the upper levels treat BT’s as building blocks for the body. If you just remember Hubbard’s definition of Thetan you would realize that the body cannot be made out of something non-physical. On OT III we’re auditing out body thetans? Degraded beings? I think not!. Hubbard had you attacking your own DNA, your very cells, or cells so distorted with induced electrical current from the e-meter that they produced the effect of an out-of-control "BT". You were, or have been trying to audit away your own genetic entity line if you will. Is it any wonder so many people spin out?

Infinitely expanding universes exist, and they are observable phenomena with available technology. Such phenomena presuppose the ability of all component parts to experience the Is-ness of themselves. I have it on good authority, from one of Hubbard’s former Class XII research auditors that Hubbard was fully aware that there wasn’t anything that wasn’t alive, regardless of the state of consciousness of its present form. Think about that for a moment. Every cell of your body, billions of them, have a consciousness of the role that they play in being contained by the overall body in which you believe that you dwell.

The most dangerous aspect of the Scientology programming is I believe, the attack on your own actuality. You are convinced that an integral part of your own beingness, your link to the rest of life, DNA, are degraded beings impinged on you, and in fact make up your body. Without realizing it, you are attempting to blow off your own body, and to add insult to injury you are paying Scientology and the Hubbard-heads to do it. The fact of the matter is that it is a form of suicide and they’ve convinced you that it leads to total freedom. Get it, everything thing that you as a synergetic physical entity possess is supposed to be there. Your job, as a so-called thetan, is to learn how to use it in a loving, synergetic manner to create more joy in life between yourself and the rest of all-that-is. I don't believe that the creator was wrong, I just think that L. Ron Hubbard was a person who could never be right unless he made every other living human being wrong.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to future essays such as this being produced not only by myself, but many others, as awareness of true spiritual enlightenment unfolds through sharing of our individual truths.

The Captain

Secrets are the mortar binding
bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind.
I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speak.
The only thing that always works in scientology are its lawyers
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