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5 Feb 2000

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Helnwein in Court - 1991 to 1997

On June 6, 1991 a detailed article appeared in a local Burgbrohl paper, the "Ohlbruecken - Rundschau," entitled "Why are Alarms sounding in Brohl Valley?" which revealed and criticized Helnwein's Scientology activities at his residence.

That local report set off a string of lawsuits which is still going on today, initiated and carried through by Gottfried and Renate Helnwein, with excellent support from their Duesseldorf attorney, Christian Reinking, against critics who publicly, "falsely" accuse the Helnwein couple, in any way, of being members of Scientology or of conducting activity for that organization.

This had been possible for journalists who published the truth innumerable times worldwide about Gottfried Helnwein between 1972 and June 1991 without any fear of recrimination. The last time that "succeeded" without harsh, legal consequences or persecution was in June 1989, in the "BIO" newspaper in an article by chief editor Michael Geffken. That interview, in the form of a "home story," was the sole exception. It was the only time that Gottfried Helnwein publicly admitted to being a Scientologist to a journalist of a "non-Scientology" magazine, or in Germany at all.

In summer 1989 (!), Geffken wrote, " ... Back in the studio, back to the question of what Helnwein wants to accomplish with his art. "People have perfect repression mechanisms, but artists don't." So does he want to get across what is true for him to people? In asking this question, we are in the worldview of the painter. What does he do for spiritual health? Helnwein: "I take Scientology courses." Why? "Because it is a very clear, very exact subject." How did he get into Scientology? "With Zen Buddhism.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 320

Buddhism is the highest standing religion, a religion which does not believe in gods and spirits, which does not issue any kind of rules according to which you are punished or have your hands cut off. For me, Scientology is a progression of Zen Buddhism." My confusion grew. This man who controlled even the smallest stroke of paint brush, an adherent of a sect? Helnwein became cross at use of the "sect" label, "Scientology is not a sect - only opponents say that, the zealots from the Christian Churches!" Then what is Scientology, what does he personally get out of it? Helnwein responded, "For me it is a way to my personal integrity. I want to lay aside my automatism and live fully aware, spontaneous and self-determined. From my point of view, Scientology has founded a natural ethic, a philosophy of reason." The picture has been rounded out for me here at the end of my visit to the castle. I have learned: even rebels need a religion, and clever rebels need a clever religion." Did Helnwein "infect" writer Geffken with Scientology? One could almost believe that.

Only 24 months later writer Geffken would have been confronted with a legal "temporary restraining order" with a value in dispute of 250,000 DM, made possible only by Gottfried Helnwein's punishable, semi-deliberate, false sworn affirmation, which would contain the following, tailored to each situation, "I do not have an office, post and function or active membership in any kind of religious congregation, political party, church or sect, especially not with Scientology." So it went in more than a dozen court proceedings in Germany between 1991 and 1995.

The beginning: court proceeding No. 1, "Helnwein vs. Evangelical Church et al." was publicly heard, file number 1 0. 341 / 91 on the 11th of July 1991 before the 1st civil chamber of the Koblenz State Court and ended with a settlement partially in favor of Helnwein.

What had happened? On June 20, 1991, in the "Ohlbruecken - Rundschau" daily paper an article appeared, "Why are Alarms sounding in Brohl Valley?" Journalist Schneider wrote, " ... Reverend Keden (Director of the people's missionary office in the Evangelical Church in Rheinland in Duesseldorf) indicated that the sect has now increased its activity on the open countryside because it is running into inexperience and uncertainty there. Hans Peter Muessenich, presiding Deacon and district minister in Brohl Valley, mentioned the connections as far as he could see. In doing so he included the "castle", an estate in

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 321


Peter Reichelt
0621 / 89 6261

Dear Peter,

11 May 92

Could you be so dear and sign a sworn statement once it is worded properly.

We still have a legal process over which we are musing where the opposing party presumes that Gottfried is the secret sect leader and has gathered a "CLAN" around him.

Be so dear and type this statement on your typewriter and forward it to us today and send us the original express mail - afterwards.



If you have any question please call me.

Scan of original German hand-written note

Renate Helnwein asked her consultant Peter Reichelt to give her a "sworn affirmation" to support her husband, Gottfried - May 1992

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 322

Burgbrohl, which Gottfried Helnwein the painter had leased. The artist Helnwein, who professes to a sect, quoted in a Scientology publication, "Scientology is in the position to change the world. There could be a world without mental illness, without criminality and without war."

"Bad Breisiger Echo" Nr. 29/91

Gottfried Helnwein defends himself against rumors

"The Burgbrohl Castle is a Place of Art and nothing else"

Gottfried Helnwein, the internationally acclaimed artist, who has been living in Burgbrohl since 1985 and has chosen the local castle for his domicile, took a stand in a press conference on the rumor floating about the Brohl valley community that alleges he is employed as a "missionary" for the "Scientology Church" in this vicinity. Such assertions, said the artist, are the product of a campaign of slander against which he will defend himself, using legal means if he has to.

"Bad Breisiger Echo" in summer 1991

Young people, Evangelical minister Gerhard Jankowski (Bad Breisig) lets us know, feel very well at the "castle," there is "great help" for them there. That is making the assumption, says Reverend Kaden, that use is being made of the recruitment possibilities being offered. Membership recruitment took place with every young person from Brohl Valley whose parents voiced their concern. Asked about conspicuous changes in her child, the mother answered, "Mostly what bothered me was her fixed stare." A short time later Helnwein took a stand on this in the local press and rejected the accusations. The local press wrote of it, " ... It was claimed, said Helnwein literally, "missionary activity for 'Scientology' was being conducted from the castle." Helnwein replied yesterday, "I am against the principle of missionary work and would not like to be used for recruitment of a religious nature." He initiated legal steps and stated under oath that he never tried to recruit young people and that he had never been engaged in missionary activity. His staff also stated under oath never to have spoken about 'Scientology' to Helnwein. Helnwein spoke of a "campaign (!) against me and my family." He has exhausted all legal alternatives and, if necessary, will take whatever steps are necessary to counter such presumptions. The campaign had allegedly been carried out for a year (summer 1990), since the time when his idea of creating a comic museum and art center (!) in Brohl Valley became known. Now his project in Brohl Valley is no longer a topic of discussion. Life for him and his family has become difficult."

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 323


1.) I do not have any office, post or function in any religious congregation, political party, sect or denominational society of whatever sort.

2.) The building in the "Eifel" where I live with my family serves exclusively as a photography and art studio to create and present art and as a residence for me and my family, consisting of my wife and four children. This can be verified by hundreds of witnesses at any time. It does not serve for the dissemination of teachings of any kind of religious society or sect.

3.) No religious society, political party or sect is authorized by me to use a picture of my person, art, expressions or text for advertising purposes.

4.) I am of the firm conviction that in a democratic society everyone has the right to decide for himself if and what worldview or political, philosophical, artistic or religious concepts he wants to represent so long as he is not restricting the freedom of others by doing so. I am absolutely against any type of coercive missionary work or tutelage.

Anybody who is familiar with my work knows that I have committed myself against violence and intolerance with my art for over 20 years. Therefore the assertions that I would want to proselytize to the inhabitants of Brohl Valley are sheer nonsense and are without any foundation.

I have never tried to proselytize to any citizen or young person from Brohl Valley.

From now on, I will proceed using legal measures against anybody who spreads the untrue assertions about me.


Gottfried Helnwein


Scan of original German, hand-corrected statement

Helnwein's new "weapon" against critics: sworn affirmation. This one from Nov 15, 1991, was the first of its kind. Notice the words deleted under 1) and 3), particularly the crossed out word "Kirche" ["Church"]!

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