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Helnwein in Court 2/7
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5 Feb 2000

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Helnwein in Court - 1991 to 1997 - continued

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 324

At the conclusion of the "Helnwein and his Sect Castle" affair, Reverend Kaden, for the Evangelical Church of Duesseldorf, published a supplementary press release on July 16, 1991: "On June 13, 1991 the ministers association of the Catholic Church in Weiber held a press meeting regarding the Scientology Church (SC), in which Reverend Keden of the Evangelical Church attended as sect commissioner, and in which Reverend Jankowski of the Ev. Church Association of Bad Breisig participated. After increased activity in Brohl Valley - it dealt with pointing out the public activity of the SC and letting people know of the danger associated with this organization, which is known as a sect. In the course of the press conference, the topic came up of Helnwein, the renowned painter who lives at Burgbrohl and who is known to be a member of the SC. Mr. Helnwein felt that he had been demeaned by an article which was published in the "Ohlbruecker Rundschau" after the press conference, and initiated legal proceedings against Mssrs. Keden and Jankowski, and the Brohl Valley publishing company, with the intention of having all three parties desist from making or distributing the following assertions by word or otherwise:

that Mr. Helnwein was trying to recruit young people as members for the SC. that an effort was being made at the Burgbrohl estate to recruit young people for the SC that attempts at recruitment had already been successfully made with young people at Burgbrohl.

Furthermore it was stated that expression or distribution of assertions which gave the impression that the Burgbrohl estate was to be regarded as some sort of "sect center" in which members were being recruited for the SC should cease. The hearing for these proceedings took place in Koblenz State Court on July 11, 1991. Mr. Keden and Mr. Jankowski emphasized that they had not made the incriminating statements. It would be much more correct, stated Mr. Keden, to say that he had described Mr. Helnwein as an SC member who played a role in that sect ... After Mr. Helnwein and the publishing company settled out of court, the legal dispute with the two accused gentlemen was said to be over."

Because this "only" dealt with a temporary restraining order, the correctness of the claims was not further reviewed by the court. That would have been possible

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 325

later in a principal proceeding in collecting evidence. That was foregone. Therefore the factual finding remained unsettled. Scientologist Helnwein had attained his goal. His opponents had been intimidated and had tucked in their "tails." As of 1991, the new, unfailing Helnwein tactic in public was "I am not now nor ever have been a Scientologist." It succeeded the first time. His martyr's role had begun. ... The public was to be unsettled in its opinion about the actual role in the SC organization. Heavy doubts abounded... Perhaps he really was innocent? This view was maintained for a long time, until ..., yes, until the press statement by the US SC headquarters press office in January 1997.

The Persecution of Journalists

The May 1996 issue of "Journalist" trade magazine wrote under the title story "With Argus Eyes - Media and Sects", "Journalists who are engaged with the theme of "sects" can prepare for a few things in advance. Being threatened with legal measures is one of the harmless variants of reactions. Anyone categorized as a sect critic will learn of totally different methods from the subject organizations: deliberate misinformation, attempts to intimidate up to psycho-terrorism. The Scientologists are especially well known for having developed a refined repertoire in dealing with critics..." Editor Hans-Joachim Maes further described sects' dealings with their "enemies":

"A radio broadcasting staff member reported on a supposed connection of sect members to an airline company. In this regard he cited staff of the 'trust arrangement' and other people who could confirm the suspicion. In that case the sect solved the problem by using legal pressure. The journalist, an independent professional, was threatened with a 'Temporary Restraining Order' (TRO) and a lawsuit for a large amount in damages, a retraction was demanded along with a legal obligation to cease and desist. A lawyer, in the course of his profession, uses a 'TRO' as an instrument to temporarily restore the legal peace again. In this actual case the attorney proceeded quite differently by assigning a high value of dispute and requiring immediate decision to determine expenses. The consequence was that expenses of several thousand marks were racked up within several days of the event. The staff member retracted everything he said and signed a dubious 'sworn affirmation.' By his doing that, the other side was saved from the expense of carrying out the legal proceedings. Lesson learned: sects often misuse the law.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 326

They initiate 'temporary restraining orders' with false 'sworn affirmations.' The initial hearing judges only the credibility of the presentation that a law has been violated, not actual proof. Victims of such an action not only are faced with court costs but are straddled with work. ... Sects open with the fervor of a 'stage set for near war.' Unfortunately, journalists continue to fall for that" such as has been amply demonstrated with the Helnwein case in countless publications in "pro Helnwein" Germany since 1991, thanks to his refined technique of silencing critics through complex court proceedings.

In 1991, almost 20 years of openness and "non"-lies about his Scientology activities were gone. And that was primarily for economic reasons. 1990/91 marked the start of overdue, increased, public proceedings against Scientology members and the evil machinations of their organization in Germany. Suddenly art buyers, galleries and even museums did not want or need to cooperate with artists who publicly recruited for Hubbard and his organization, as Helnwein had done a hundred times over almost 20 years.

In the narrow confines of a meeting, in spring 1991, of the German Scientology secret service, DSA/OSA (Office for Special Affairs), according to a statement by a former German member of the OSA, it was decided that their most prominent member in Germany, Gottfried Helnwein, would be "permitted" to "publicly" lie, using any means, about his membership without having to worry about being punished by immediate exclusion from the Church. Intentional lies about the matter were immediately made an option. Years later, in 1995, this process was also verified by ex-Scientologist Jeanette Schweitzer in the Helnwein case.

As far as Helnwein was concerned, this formulation of the "truth," i.e., lies about his Scientology past, lies in the form of repeated contention of his membership "in Scientology," was the only remaining way to economically survive in Germany in the 1990s. He really had imagined it somewhat differently.

However, in all the excitement of suppressing and white-washing his past, Helnwein probably forgot that his 20 years of intense, public appearances for Scientology all over the world had left manifold traces, detectable traces, in his wake. That was not to

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 327

Ursula Caberta y Diaz presides over an anti-Constitutional office which spreads hate against religion at taxpayers' expense. Federal Labor Minister Norbert Bluem was a driving force behind anti-constitutional efforts to suppress the Scientology religion. Renate Hartwig: she complains and instigates. By doing so she was pre-destined to become a star author in Heyne publishing.

The top enemies of the German Scientology secret service OSA/DSA (from: "Freiheit," 1995, CSI)

come back and haunt him for several years. At first he was still able to build upon the uncertainty of his "enemy," the media, and upon the cooperation of several of his remaining friends who did not know any better.

For five years, until June 1996, he rode a giant wave of success through the paper forest of the media as an undisputed "non-Scientologist" and as a "poor, innocent victim" over more than a dozen court proceedings, in which he was assisted in his success, thanks to the cooperation of many good "Scientology minds," by false testimony and shameless exploitation of his oh-so-evil critics who were having trouble with the complicated material because of their unfamiliarity with it.

Helnwein & Scientology, Lies & Treason by Peter Reichelt, 1997 - Page 328

Renate Helnwein is OT 8 - 1988

Renate Helnwein also liked "suing critics" as a means of defense. Adelheid Rech-Gesche, who is the chief of the "Celebrity Center," like her best friend Renate, became a proud "Operating Thetan VIII" in fall 1988, thereby achieving the highest possible level in the scope of the Scientology course system. Taking the course is possible only on the "Freewinds," a ship accessible exclusively to high-ranking Scientologists which sails primarily off the waters of Florida's coast. Being permitted to board this ship is the highest honor which any Scientologist can have. The maiden voyage had just occurred in 1988 and, what an honor, both women, thanks to generous "donations" to Scientology, were allowed to "be there" in the same year. To be sure, a prerequisite was many years of extremely intense study of the Hubbard teachings.

Both women are in the the small, exclusive circle of the top Scientologists by having the highest possible training level of OT VII.

Gottfried Helnwein, who had just become "Clear" and OT I in 1974, celebrated 1989 at OT V, just three levels away, on the verge of reaching OT VIII. That means his wife, in 1989, was three levels above him in leadership. In a legally binding judgment by the Cologne Superior State Court on June 29, 1993 (AZ 15 U 54 / 93), the judges stated in the basis of their decision, "In .. the ... statement that the Scientologists had listed Renate Helnwein as an "Operating Thetan VIII", that is indisputably an assertion of fact. But because Gottfried Helnwein was listed along with his wife, Renate, on a "Patron List" of the Scientology Church's "Impact" magazine, and the only people who are put on the "Patron List" have put a minimum of $40,000 in the War Chest of the IAS, the International Association of Scientologists with their main office in England, then a clear suspicion has arisen that Gottfried Helnwein, in reality, may be lying to cover up a close association with the organization. ... With regard to that and the payment of the considerable amount of money associated with being put on the "Patron List" to the organization, one may infer that Renate Helnwein actively intercedes on behalf of the mission goals of the Scientology Church...".


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